Elon Musk has made a “loud” statement that has worried social network users


Businessman, billionaire Elon Musk announced on Tuesday, January 30, that his controversial Neuralink chip has been implanted in a human brain, The Sun reports.

Musk stated that the purpose of this chip is to allow people to control their phone or other device with their mind. The implanted brain chip has 1000 electrodes. Thanks to electrodes, people will be able to control devices with simple thoughts.

“The first person received an implant from Neuralink yesterday and is recovering well,” Musk wrote on X.

The billionaire says that initially it is expected that the chips will be implanted in the brains of people who have lost their limbs or their functions.

When the public learns about such an event, their opinions are divided. Some people expressed that this is a great advance and will be able to make people’s lives much easier, while others point out that it is complete madness. “The thought of it terrifies me,” said one “X” user.

“The first cyborg is born,” another pointed out.

“It’s Matrix time,” user “X” stated.

Although many users of the platform were unpleasantly surprised to learn such news, others admitted that Elon Musk has created new history. “Good job Neuralink and Elon! This could be a very good historical moment.”

“This is great news, we’re expanding our boundaries. Space and mind, can’t wait for the next update,” wrote another.

Neuralink received US Food and Drug Administration approval for its first human clinical trials in May. The company initially wanted to conduct tests with 10 people, but now the trial will be conducted with the involvement of six people.

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