In Russia, Kristina Orbakaiti is suspected of financing Ukrainian soldiers


The concert of the Russian singer Kristina Orbakaite, daughter of Alla Pugacheva, which was supposed to take place in Ulanude (the capital of Buryatia, which is part of the Russian Federation), has been cancelled.

Kristina Orbakaite will not be able to perform at the physical culture and sports complex allegedly because of the opinion of citizens and Buryat public organizations, writes UNIAN, referring to TASS, which cites information from the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Buryatia.

“Kristina Orbakaite is not on the list of foreign agents, her activity in the Russian Federation is not officially banned, but taking into account the opinion of citizens and public organizations of Buryatia, the concert of the artist will not be held in the physical culture and sports complex”.

Orbakaite’s concert was scheduled for March 13, 2024.

Some time ago, information appeared that Orbakaiti and her son Nikita Presnyakov will be investigated on suspicion of financing the armed forces of Ukraine.

Later, “activists” demanded the cancellation of the artist’s concert in Ulanude. According to the head of the Buryat public organization Zhambals Zhamso Zhanayev, the Buryats support the initiative not to allow stars who are “against the state” and “finance the armed forces of Ukraine” into the territory of the republic.

“People with the citizenship of a country that is now against Russia and starting conflicts, people who live in the USA and go to Russia only for profit, who have not decided their position, should not continue to perform concerts and receive public praise. Now is the time when we have unite and strengthen patriotism in the country.”

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