Canada could transfer thousands of air-to-surface missiles to Ukraine

Canada could transfer thousands of air-to-surface missiles to Ukraine
Canada could transfer thousands of air-to-surface missiles to Ukraine

According to the CBC TV channel, the Canadian Ministry of Defense has 83,300 CRV7 missiles, which were produced in the 1980s and were decommissioned in the early 2000s.

The leader of the opposition, Pierre Pouillevre, called for the transfer of these missiles to Ukraine, saying that it would be better to return them to Kyiv than to spend money on their destruction.

“Instead of forcing the Canadians to pay millions of dollars to write off these weapons, the weapons should be transferred to Ukraine, which can use them to defend its sovereignty,” Pouillevre said.

According to the CBC, Canada’s Ministry of Defense has acknowledged that it is considering the missiles as part of future military supplies.

At the same time, one ministry official said that while Canada has tens of thousands of such missiles and their engines, not all of them are equipped with warheads.

“Before we send equipment to Ukraine, we coordinate closely with Ukraine to ensure that any donation meets its military needs and we test the operational effectiveness of the equipment,” said Defense Secretary Daniel Minden.

He stated that tests are being carried out to ensure that the missiles are “effective in operation and safe to transport to Ukraine”.

Up to 8,000 missiles are said to still have their warheads in good condition and can be handed over to Ukraine immediately, while the rest can be used for spare parts.

Developed during the Cold War, the CRV7 was considered one of the most powerful air-to-surface attack missiles of its time and was in Allied service during the war in Afghanistan.

Missiles can be launched from both fighter jets and attack helicopters. They are equipped with various types of warheads, one of which, weighing 7.3 kilograms, is capable of penetrating armored or heavily fortified targets.

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