How to travel cheaply? Myths and truths about traveling on a budget / The Day

How to travel cheaply? Myths and truths about traveling on a budget / The Day
How to travel cheaply? Myths and truths about traveling on a budget / The Day

Myth No. 1: “Traveling cheap means getting a lower quality experience”

It’s a widely held belief that budget travel is only for those on a tight budget, and saving money doesn’t make for a quality experience. In reality, budget travel is a choice based more on values ​​and lifestyle choices than financial status.

More and more people, regardless of their financial situation, are choosing budget travel for a more authentic and rich experience. Traveling on a budget allows you to get to know destinations up close and personal while avoiding the tourist crowds. It is an opportunity to get to know the local culture, enjoy authentic food, as well as explore less popular places that are often not included in tourist itineraries.

Budget travel also provides an opportunity to develop planning and problem-solving skills, which are valuable experiences in life in general. It’s an opportunity to learn how to make the most of available resources while having fun and educating yourself.

Myth No. 2: “You need a big budget when traveling to big cities”

Most people think that big cities like London, Rome or Barcelona are expensive destinations and require big savings to travel to these places. Although average prices affect the cost of travel, this is a misconception. In large cities, the range of activities, accommodation and dining options is very large. Therefore, there will be opportunities for both those who want to spend on luxury services and those who want to enjoy an exciting experience with limited funds.

With enough time for careful research and planning, you’ll be surprised how much you can see without spending a fortune. For example, many metropolises have free attractions – museums, art galleries or even free tours. By researching various guides and blog articles, you can find information about cheap places to eat, free events and good seasonal discounts. Thus, with smart planning and a flexible approach, even the world’s most famous destinations can become affordable.

Myth No. 3: “Family trips are always expensive”

It’s a myth that traveling with your family automatically means spending a fortune. This belief tends to discourage families from taking vacations together. However, there are actually many ways to plan a family trip without “leaving a hole” in the family budget.

First, it is important to look for special offers and promotions that are often offered by travel agencies. Searching for the keywords “travel with children” can find special discounts for families or all-inclusive offers that reduce unplanned expenses. Secondly, the choice of destination is important – many less commercial destinations offer excellent leisure opportunities at significantly lower prices.

If, however, you are planning a family trip on your own, you can certainly save money by using alternative accommodations. For example, renting apartments through platforms such as or, where they are often cheaper than paying for a hotel. Also, depending on the destination you choose, you will find free or low-cost activities such as nature trails, parks and free cultural events. Also, most paid activities often include discounts for families, making travel cheap and affordable.

Myth No. 4: “Last-minute trips are risky and unprofitable”

This is far from true – last minute travel is a great way to save money and have unforgettable experiences. However, this requires a willingness to make quick decisions and be flexible with destinations and dates.

Last-minute trips are occasionally offered at bargain prices as travel agencies and airlines look to fill vacancies in hotels and flights. This can mean good deals on leisure travel to the most popular resorts, but they are not always available.

When choosing this type of travel, it is recommended to do a little research on the destination to avoid possible cultural or language barriers, as well as to check visa and passport validity requirements.

Last minute travel can be the perfect option for those looking for adventure and not tied to a rigid plan. It can also be a great way to enjoy luxury services at much more affordable prices.

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