In order not to fall into a position in the war, the Ukrainian army should be armed with high technologies / Article

In order not to fall into a position in the war, the Ukrainian army should be armed with high technologies / Article
In order not to fall into a position in the war, the Ukrainian army should be armed with high technologies / Article

Zaluzhny explained that every war is different and that the challenge for a military commander is to understand in time where this war is going. He explained that winning a war requires a unique strategy that follows a unique logic.

Considering the limited resources of Ukraine and the fact that the military assets of the allies are also depleting, it is necessary to focus on new and modern technologies and their improvement. And right now, the main driver of this war is the development of unmanned weapons systems.

The development and use of drones in this war is growing rapidly. They are used both for close and long-range strikes, as well as for reconnaissance.

They also save, so to speak, the lives of soldiers. According to Zaluzhnyi, it is unmanned systems, along with other types of advanced weapons, that provide Ukraine with the best way to avoid a positional war in which Ukraine has no advantage.

“Our combat experience, especially since 2022, is unique, but in the interest of victory, we must constantly find new ways and new opportunities that would help us gain an advantage over the enemy,” Zaluzhny wrote.

“Perhaps the number one priority here is to master the entire arsenal of relatively cheap, modern and highly effective drones and other technological means. Already such means allow commanders to monitor the situation on the battlefield in real time, day and night and in any weather conditions. They also give us the ability to carry out high-precision strikes against enemy targets in forward positions and in depth,” the military official assessed.

Therefore, Zaluzhny believes that the key to success is to surpass Russia in high technology. Likewise, abandoning outdated and stereotypical thinking in this war.

So to speak, in this war you have to move with the times and adapt, take advantage of technology and develop it to gain an advantage over the enemy. Such technologies make it possible to carry out sudden massive strikes on critical infrastructure facilities and communication centers without the use of expensive missiles or manned aircraft.

He is convinced that it is necessary to create a completely new system of technological rearmament of the country, the creation of which could be achieved within five months. And the allies agree to such a plan.

“Our goal must be to seize the moment – to maximize the accumulation of the latest combat capabilities, which will allow us to devote fewer resources to inflicting maximum damage on the enemy, ending aggression and protecting Ukraine from it in the future,” he wrote.

It is important to mention that Zaluzhny believes that Ukraine must fight (in a figurative sense) not only with its allies. In some places he criticizes the government.

Namely, according to him, Ukraine is oppressed by the shortcomings of the country’s regulatory framework, as well as a partial monopoly in the defense industry, which leads to delays, for example, in the production of ammunition, and deepens Ukraine’s dependence on allies in the field of supplies.

Finally, he pointed to the failure of the state authorities to improve the manpower of the armed forces because unpopular measures are not taken. Hence the criticism that the state is afraid to take unpopular steps in mobilization.

Zaluzhny’s entire essay can be read in English here.

The article is in Latvian

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