Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore likes tea from Madonna county


“With the perfect gift, you can make everyone feel special,” says Barrymore, who has been appointed chief gift specialist on the Etsy platform.

The actress ranked her favorite products in several categories, and she recommended Latvian brand “Plūkt” tea as the best gift for mothers.

The company “Plūkt” was founded in 2017 and its roots can be found in Madona county in Prauliena, where the “Plūkt” tea house is also located. It was founded by entrepreneurs Māra and Līga Lieplapa, who own the company in the ratio of 80% to 20%. The teas they create are certified organic and contain wild meadow and forest plants.

Currently, teas are exported to 22 countries in the world, but the most important export countries for the company are the USA, Canada and Belgium.

“Following the recommendation of actress Drew Barrymore, the popularity of tea has significantly increased in the US – the number of followers on the Etsy platform for the company’s products has increased by several hundred users,” says tea master and company co-founder Māra Lieplapa.

The representative of the company stated to “Leta” agency that “Etsy” is one of the most important channels for the sale of “Plūkt” tea in the USA, and expressed the hope that, following Barrymore’s recommendation, the sales of this specific tea will increase rapidly on Mother’s Day in April.

“Firmas.lv” information shows that the company was founded in 2017, its share capital is 2,800 euros, but in 2022, the turnover of “Plūkt” was 108,231 euros, and losses were 19,762 euros.

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