The EU is preparing to introduce a new regulation of “Airbnb” and similar short-term housing rentals –


The European Union (EU) is preparing to introduce new rules for short-term housing rentals, determining the accounting and collection of data on “Airbnb” and similar housing, informs member of the European Parliament (EP) Ivars Ijabs (AP).

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The representatives of the EP and the Council of the EU agreed on the new rules on Thursday, November 16. The European political group “Renew Europe” was represented by Ijab in these negotiations.

“These rules will allow cities to regulate housing rent more meaningfully, and people to receive good, alternative services to hotels more reliably. This is important at a time when hotel prices have risen sharply and many families can no longer afford to travel,” emphasizes the deputy.

Short-term housing rental has developed rapidly in the European Union. This is largely fueled by platforms like Airbnb, which help both hosts and travelers. However, they also cause problems, for example, you will often have to face a lack of supply of apartments for local residents, rapidly increasing prices or excessive tourist flows.

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Airbnb, Inc., a company founded in the United States has expanded significantly in recent years around the world, allowing users to stay in private homes instead of hotels or hostels. The Court of the European Union decided in 2022 that member states can require short-term rental platforms to collect income tax.

In Ijab’s view, cities across Europe need accurate data on short-term rentals in order to implement sound policies. They have tried to obtain data from platforms and landlords, however, they are not always reliable, as landlords do not systematically register properties and online platforms do not always exchange data. In addition, the fragmentation of the various data collection initiatives increases costs and reduces the usefulness of the data collected.

The new rules will give cities access to data and tools to ensure that only legal accommodation can be advertised on online platforms.

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Landlords will receive a unique registration number after registration, which will allow them to start their business.

On the other hand, the rental platforms will have to provide information to the state authorities every month – the number of guests, the list of registered users and data on income.

The agreement reached has yet to be voted on in the EP plenary session.

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