VIDEO. ‘Weeping’ Virgin Mary statue stuns churchgoers

VIDEO. ‘Weeping’ Virgin Mary statue stuns churchgoers
VIDEO. ‘Weeping’ Virgin Mary statue stuns churchgoers

20:00, 20 November 2023

Visitors to the church were deeply surprised to see the statue of the Virgin Mary “shedding tears”. They are convinced that it is a “miracle”.

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The small figure “crying” was captured by churchgoers El Chanal city, Mexico.

Hundreds of people reportedly flocked to the church to see the weeping statue.


Videos published on social networks show how small droplets flow over the cheeks of the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Many locals attribute this ‘miracle’ to the ongoing violence in Kolyma state. By October of this year, the Kolyma Prosecutor’s Office had registered approximately 702 confirmed intentional murders.

Visitor Maria Mercedes Hernandez told local media that she would hold prayers for safety: “Peace, may she give us peace in Colima and throughout the world, so that we can return to the former Colima.”

Others, on the other hand, are skeptical about the “miracle” and offer scientific explanations for it.


For example, Italian chemistry professor Luigi Garlaschelli pointed out the statue’s ability to absorb moisture due to its porosity.

“You need a hollow statue made of plaster or ceramic, which must be covered on the outside with a waterproof layer. When filling the statue with water through an invisible hole at the top, the porous material will absorb it, but the outer layer will not allow it to escape. However, if the protective glaze were to be scratched, for example near Mary’s eyes, the absorbed water would flow out, creating the illusion that the statue is crying,” says the professor.


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