Finland learns “Russophobia” from the Baltic states, laments the Russian MP


“It is a pity that Finland is armed with Russophobic policy and the destructive behavior of the Baltic states,” he was quoted as saying by the “RIA Novosti” agency. In this way, Finland has destroyed many centuries of shared history and economic ties in one moment. At the same time, he warned the Finns, who allegedly forgot “good folk wisdom: you will survive without your brother, but not without your neighbor.”

Finnish Interior Minister Mari Rantanen announced last week that Finland will close half of its border crossings with Russia due to the increase in the number of illegal immigrants. Border crossing points in Valima, Nuijam, Imatra and Niral were closed on November 18. Applications for international protection will then be able to be submitted at the northern border crossings of Vartius, Salla, Kuusamo and Raja-Joseppi, which will remain open. The restrictions will be valid until February 18, 2024.

Finnish Prime Minister Peteri Orpo also stated that the practice of Russian border guards has changed and they have started letting people across the border without proper documents. Finnish and Russian border guards have cooperated for years to prevent illegal border crossings. But now Russia has changed its previous policy and allows illegal immigrants to continue their journey to Finland unhindered, even though they do not have any valid travel documents, Rantanen said.

In 2021, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko used specially recruited Middle Eastern migrants to create tension on the Polish border, with hordes of migrants constantly trying to force their way into Polish territory.

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