bold decorations and a natural feel

bold decorations and a natural feel
bold decorations and a natural feel

The most beautiful time of the year is here again. In the wintery dark atmosphere, we can give every home a chance to shine and fill it with new, cozy, festive feelings. Time to open the doors of your home to friends and relatives to meet and celebrate the holidays together. An interior designer reveals the top three Christmas decor and decoration trends this year and how to bring them into every home.

Choose decorations in red tones

Christmas and the color red are an inseparable tandem. This year, we will see a lot of red shades, but in a minimalist style – the red shade will warmly accentuate and complement decors and decorations, that is, both in earthy neutral colors and will also be included in graphic prints and patterns created in the mood of nature, earth tones and from natural materials.

How to implement it in the interior design? “Conceptually rethinks the arrangement of the room and how to harmoniously include accents in it. The most common mistake in interior design is cluttering the room with decorations, various dishes, dishes and colors. In addition to all this, adding more accents can create a mess. Red accents will fit best in a neutral room in the arrangement – some decorations on the festive tree, red napkins or plates on a solemnly laid table, red pillows on the sofa, etc. A tasteful arrangement can be created by coordinating the Christmas tree with the table setting,” says IKEA interior designer Darius Rimkus.

“Rustic” or country style with a fireplace

In the interior, the rustic or country style has been relevant for several years, but this year, country charm with an edge is characteristic – a classic and at the same time modern style, in which the emphasis is placed on high-quality craftsman’s works and natural texture. The combination of white, warm neutrals and rich earth tones creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. “This year, the rural style is characterized by natural materials, masterfully crafted details inspired by Swedish folklore, as well as the earthy tones prevailing in traditional Swedish farmhouses. All this to turn the home into a comfortable and welcoming haven of peace,” says the interior designer.

How to implement it in the interior design? If you want to create a warm cozy atmosphere in your home during the holidays, refresh the interior with soft rugs, hand-embroidered pillow covers or wicker baskets. You can also set the table using tableware inspired by traditional crafts or handmade textiles with bright colors and patterns typical of Swedish folklore.

Brings the beauty of nature into the home

In recent years, natural beauty has become an actual trend. Natural materials such as wool, cotton, ceramics or wood will create a beautiful and warm atmosphere, and will become even more expressive and better with time.

How to implement it in the interior design? “Home-made decorations and decorations are also perfect for this style. You can conjure up the feeling of nature in the room by using green houseplants, natural materials and cones. Those who are closer to natural beauty can decorate the Christmas tree with decorations made of reeds or straw, fabric, paper or even gingerbread,” says D. Rimkus.

Decorate your home according to your taste and style

“Ultimately, the home should be decorated with holiday decorations that will reflect the personality of the owners of the house. Follow trends only if they truly inspire you. Experiment and let your creativity run wild. Do not follow strict rules when setting the table, combine old favorites with new decorations and festive luxury items, creating just for yourself characteristic style,” advises the interior designer.

D. Rimkus advises to review the decorations before the holiday and evaluate which ones to keep, give away, repair and reuse, as well as research what new accents could be added. It should also be checked whether the strings of lamps are not damaged and whether they should be replaced with more energy-efficient ones.

“Warm, soft light instantly conjures up a cozy atmosphere in the home in the dark. LED light strings and bulbs will be more energy efficient. LED bulbs last longer and consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. A standard 250-lumen LED bulb used 24/7 consumes only 1.31 kWh per month, which depends the service provider’s tariff will only cost a few tens of cents,” admits the interior designer.

Another wallet-friendly option when it comes to lighting is battery-powered LED string lights. To act even more foresight and smarter, rechargeable batteries are used. The built-in timer is also very useful – with it the lighting will turn on at a specific time every day and turn off after six hours.

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