Slovakia wants to make money from the war in Ukraine


The proposal was prepared by the previous leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia. It was planned to include four million cartridges, 5,172 large-caliber projectiles for 125 millimeter guns, 140 rockets for the anti-missile defense system “Kub”, eight mortars and 1,200 mines.

Since the beginning of the war, Slovakia has supported Ukraine with 13 military aid packages totaling 671 million euros. The new, Moscow-friendly Prime Minister Robert Fico announced on October 26 that he was ending military aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, the government will not prevent private manufacturers from supplying Ukraine with weapons and ammunition. “If a company wants to make weapons and send them somewhere, no one will stop it,” said Fico, adding that his commitment only applies to the warehouses of the Slovak army and state materials.

This probably means that the plans of the Slovak company “Konštrukta-Defense” to jointly develop new howitzers with Ukraine will come true. The Slovak company “ZVS Holding” also produces ammunition for Ukraine and plans to double or triple the volumes.

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