A toxicologist from Lithuania discovers a fundamental error that can increase the side effects of the drugs used


The effect of the combination of alcoholic beverages and medication can be different, but usually it reduces or, on the contrary, enhances the effect of the medication, but in most cases significantly increases the side effects that are dangerous to health caused by the medication, reports the portal “Lrytas.lt”.

The doctor points out that people often do not even look at the list of side effects, immediately throwing the informative description that comes with each medication into the trash can.

“I dare to say that only a few percent of patients read the recommendations written there. And in these leaflets it is often written that one or another drug cannot be used together with alcohol. And this is done because the manufacturer of the drug cares about the patient’s health, because there are scientific studies, which confirms this statement,” emphasizes Badar.

According to the toxicologist, the effects of the combination of intoxicating drinks and drugs can be different, but, for example, when taking antibiotics, it can distort the effect of these drugs on the body and increase possible negative side effects.

“Medications become not only less effective, but at the same time the side effects caused by them increase. For example, they can become hepatotoxic – in this case there is a possibility of causing damage to the liver,” explains the doctor.

When using both alcohol and antibiotics at the same time, the patient’s body has to work twice as hard.

Even if there are no specific warnings about the possible harm and health-threatening side effects of the interaction of alcohol and antibiotics, the main recommendation remains the same – it is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics. Especially because the “cocktail” of some antibacterial preparations and alcohol can significantly interfere with the functioning of the stomach and liver.

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