Watch the song contest “Supernova”! Who will make it to the finals? / Script

Watch the song contest “Supernova”! Who will make it to the finals? / Script
Watch the song contest “Supernova”! Who will make it to the finals? / Script

The semi-final live broadcast on February 3 from 9:10 p.m. can be seen on LTV1, on the website and on the portal.

The audience will have the opportunity to get to know the participants and evaluate the song performances under the leadership of Kathy Šenberg and Laura Reinik.

During the semi-finals live, audience call and text votes and the jury’s rating will be equally important and will determine the top 10 who will compete for the title of winner in the final of the competition on February 10.

The sequence of performances in the semi-finals and the messages of the competition songs:

1. Agnes Rakovska

“Although we live in a time when technology seems to make our everyday life easier, people have neither become smarter nor more loved, but on the contrary – they have remained lonelier and try to find happiness in different ways. Song “AI” is about eternal longing and the desire to find your true other half as soon as possible,” the singer says about the song.

2. Patricia Spale

Song “Heaven’s Raining Down on Me” express gratitude to a loved one for the positive influence, making them smile, bringing light and joy to everyday life. The musician comments: “With this song, I want to show that there is beauty in simplicity. The love we all crave and want to experience is possible if we value each other, are grateful, if we are brave enough to say good words and take responsibility.”

3. “B/H”

“On a daily basis, when a person’s daily regime is “work – home, home – work” and the world is full of horrors, we want to remind you how important it is to change the environment even for a moment, to clear your head, relax and catch the feelings that life itself provides,” about the song “Amsterdam” say the group members. The musicians want to remind you that “we only live once, and if you do it right, that’s enough!”

4. Alex Silver

“Nowadays, most people seek attention and wealth, not love. Revealing one’s true feelings and soul often goes unappreciated because people prefer show and show to emotional openness. Song “For the Show” tells about the fact that in our world, true feelings are left in the background, giving preference to material and external shine,” the performer comments on the song’s message.

5. “Jar of Kings”

Thinking about the message of the song, the band members comment: “The song “Wildfire” is about the desire to capture the hearts of listeners with music, making them feel free, alive and unleashed in emotions, to burn the boundaries that, without realizing it, tend to put us in frames and prevent us from enjoying the fiery energy of life and rock music. It is about the desire to surrender to the power of rock’s “wild fire”, to be alive and strong.”

6. Saint Levića

“People think that they will live forever and do not value the time they have been given, wasting it on useless and unnecessary things. At some point, the realization comes that we will not be on this earth forever and that we are only guests. However, when this realization comes, it is often it’s already too late. We have to understand that we never know how much time we have, and we have to live today and now,” says the singer about the song “Tick-Tock”.

7. Sasha Sil

“Song “Love is a Language” tells of a journey from darkness to spiritual renewal and love. If we start sharing love with others, then the world and people will become happier. By performing the song, I want to open people’s hearts through words and visual accompaniment, evoking strong emotions and maybe even tears,” says the singer about the song.

8. “Paper Airplanes”

Band members on the song “Mind Breaker” says: “The song tells about a toxic relationship, or more precisely – its end. There comes a moment when you no longer have the strength to listen to what the other person is saying, and all you hear in your head is la-la-la. When the breaking point is reached, the desire to connect with the other person disappears, even if they try to apologize.”

9. Avenue

Song “Mine” talks about staking out one’s territory and crushes bordering on obsession. “I don’t understand and don’t want to share what I have because I know my worth. I’m a bit confused because I’ve never felt this way and no one has ever influenced me like this. I know clearly what my desires and goals are and how to achieve them. I’m waiting for the first signal, so the game can start,” says the artist about the message of her song.

10. Ecto

Song “Outsiders” is about feelings of alienation and loneliness, but also about the freedom these feelings can bring. “The song tells that even in the most hopeless situations it is possible to find strength in yourself and break through,” says the young performer.

11. Don

Commenting on your song “Hollow”the musician expresses himself in the words of Imantas Ziedonis: “An awful lot of truths. You can collapse if you don’t have your own.”

12. Catherine Gupalo

“Song “The Cat’s Song” tells about a day in the life of a sweet, playful and brave cat. It is filled with waking up the owner and catching the sun’s rays, hunting for the most beautiful dream and running at night over roof ridges and shoe boxes, but most importantly – the eternal desire to play,” says the musician about her song.

13. Funkinbiz

Artist about the song “Na Chystu Vodu” says: Na chystu vodu is a saying in the Ukrainian language, the symbolic meaning of which is connected with truth, openness, something real and unadulterated. The message of the song reflects the meaning of truth – it, like clean and clear water, reveals everything in itself, cleanses from excess and gives the opportunity to experience love.”

14. “In the letters”

The members of the duet say: “The song “where?” tells about loneliness – a feeling that happens to everyone at some point – and its various manifestations. The desperation caused by loneliness is a feeling that is hard to read from the outside and does not bring peace inside. Want to share your thoughts with someone, receiving genuine care in return. During the song, we understand that we are listening to each other, and we wish the same for the listeners.”

15. Edvards Strazdins

“Song “Rock n’ Roll Supernova” is an invitation to indulge in the energy-filled sensations of rock and roll, break out of the daily routine and create joy in life through music and dance. Its purpose is to create a sense of nostalgia in the listeners, as well as to inspire them to let go and move. The song is about love, but not only about the love we feel for a person, but also about love for ourselves and life in general,” the singer reveals about the song.

In parallel with the live broadcast of the “Supernova” competition, viewers are invited to follow the activities on the social media accounts of LTV and “LTV Supernova”. The social network “Instagram” will show behind-the-scenes of the preparation and live broadcast. On the other hand, you can follow the comments of Latvian Radio 5 personality Mārtiņš Pabērž on the artists’ performances on the “X” social network. Special “Supernova” content during the semi-final and final weeks can also be seen on LTV’s youth platforms “16+” and “+AUDZIS” – on “YouTube”, “Instagram” and “TikTok” accounts.

The winner of the “Supernova” contest, which will be determined on February 10 by the jury and audience vote, will have the opportunity to represent Latvia at the international Eurovision Song Contest in the Swedish city of Malmö in May.

Entry of songs and performers into the semi-finals of the “Supernova” competition was determined by a jury selected by LTV, consisting of Latvian music and show business industry, television representatives, as well as foreign experts. Due to security reasons, the names of the jury representatives will also be revealed this year only after the international Eurovision Song Contest in May.

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