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As already reported, right-wing candidate Javier Millay won the second round of presidential elections in Argentina on Sunday. On December 10, he will take the presidential oath.

In the first round four weeks ago, which included three other candidates, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, 51, who represents the ruling left-wing populists, won 36.6% of the vote, while Millay, 53, won 29.9%. On the other hand, in the second round, Milej’s lead over Masa was impressive – 55.7% of votes against 44%.

“Today begins the reconstruction of Argentina. Today begins the end of Argentina’s decline,” 53-year-old Millay said in his victory speech. “The model of decadence has come to an end. There is no turning back.”

The party represented by Milej “Freedom Forward!”, which he founded in 2021, is socially conservative, but considered liberal in economic matters.

In the last year, the third largest economy of Latin America has experienced an increase in inflation to 140%, poverty has increased in the country and the value of the national currency, the peso, has fallen. The government, fighting against the depletion of foreign exchange reserves, has introduced strict currency controls and imposed higher import taxes on companies.

Milley, who worked as the chief economist of Corporación América for 15 years before being elected to the Argentine parliament, gained scandalous popularity in television programs where he sharply criticized the “political caste” that had brought the country into crisis, while not shying away from peppered expressions dedicated to competitors.

Calling himself an “anarcho-capitalist”, Milej wants to significantly reduce the state’s role in the economy, including by radically reducing the number of state administration apparatuses and ministries. Milejs chose a chainsaw as a symbol of the promised “reduction”, regularly appearing with it at public events. Such feats won not only the admiration of his supporters, but also the teeth.

His radical economic ideas include replacing the Argentine peso with the US dollar, abolishing Argentina’s central bank, calling the central bank “one of the biggest thieves in human history.” He has expressed a skeptical attitude towards Covid-19 vaccines, even though he has been vaccinated himself, he denies the existence of global warming, calling climate change a “socialist lie”.

Miley does not support sex education in schools, wants to repeal the legalization of abortion in 2020, and does not support euthanasia, but he has no objection to same-sex marriage. His desire to liberalize the arms trade and open the market for the trade in human organs has caused a wide resonance.

Although he considers himself a Catholic, he is critical of the Roman Catholic Church and his famous compatriot Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known to the world as Pope Francis, calling him a “communist-promoting Jesuit”, “communist shit”, “representative of evil on Earth”. and giving many other unflattering epithets.

Argentina’s politics will be determined by a man? Rather dogs!

The newly elected president of Argentina is a big dog lover. He owns five English mastiffs, four of which are named after famous economists — Milton (after Milton Friedman), Murray (after Murray Rothbard), Robert and Lucas (both named after Robert Lucas), and the fifth named Conan. In keeping with Miley’s eccentricity, these dogs are clones of Conan, who died of cancer in 2017.

Miley considers his dogs to be his main advisors. “My four-legged children,” he calls his dogs, who he calls “the best strategists.” But the late Conan, whom Miley took in in 2004, was his “true and greatest love” and “literally his son,” argued Juan Luis Gonzalez, an Argentine journalist and author of Miley’s unofficial biography, “El Loco.” After Conan’s death, he visits a medium to communicate with his dead pet – and Conan tells him God’s mission to become the president of Argentina! In an interview with La Nación newspaper, Miley claimed that he first met Conan more than 2,000 years ago in the Roman Coliseum, when he was a gladiator and Conan a lion, but they did not fight each other as they were destined to join forces in the future. Conan’s influence has been so great that in 2018 he paid $50,000 for the US company PerPETuate to create Conan clones.

The newly elected president of Argentina is so addicted to dogs that he consults them on all sorts of issues. This behavior of his is of great concern to the unofficial biographer. According to him, Millay is an “unstable leader” for an already unstable Argentina. “This person who will determine the future of the country wakes up every day, does media sessions with dogs and then issues a decree based on that. It’s very shocking.”

A gentleman in private life as well

In 2017, Miley, who himself has never been married and has no children, expressed his support for “free love” in an interview with “La Nación”, but in June 2020, in a local television program, he presented himself as a “tantric sex instructor” and said that for three months able to endure without ejaculation.

Miley is known not only for his radical views, but for his peculiar appearance. He has repeatedly claimed that he does not comb his hair – thanks to his eccentric hairstyle, Miley has earned the nickname “El Peluca” (The Wig). In 2018, he announced that he was not in contact with his parents, who are believed to be dead, but made peace with them during the political campaign in 2021. He has always had a close relationship with his sister Karin Millay, who ran his brother’s election campaign, and once announced that his sister would be his “first lady”.

True, now Karina has a serious competitor. 42-year-old Fatima Flores is a comedian, actress and lover of hot candid photo shoots. 1.1 million people follow her Instagram account. She met Javier Miley last December while participating in a television program, but in August of this year, Argentinian journalist Marina Calabro officially confirmed their romance. “We spoke to both parties and both confirmed the information. Both suddenly paled during the confession. We confirm that the couple has formed: Javier Millay and Fatima Flores have been together for 45 days.”

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