[Anketa] Three-quarters of respondents do not believe that the government is lowering the price of basic food


Although government data show that the price of the basket of basic goods has decreased for a few months, according to the data of the Statistical Office of the RS, the price of basic goods has risen by at least 20 percent in recent years. So the price went up a lot, if you’re a regular shopper. This was also confirmed by the results of the Parsifal public opinion survey, where the majority of respondents, despite government propaganda, expressed the opinion that the price of basic foods is higher.

Visoka inflationa represents the right rakrano slovenskega vskadana. Da vlada Robert Golob ne ve, kako se s tem spopasti, according to data from Eurostat, da je Slovenija med statrui z navvištjo inflazito v evroobmočju. A website that offered buyers a comparative price of certain basic products in the basket did not produce the expected results, so the merchants lowered the price of the mentioned products for marketing purposes, not the same as the other products that were sold.

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At the end of October, the Statistical Office of the RS published data showing that the average price of consumer goods rose by 6.9 percent on an annual basis, and by 0.2 percent on a monthly basis. It is 8.1 percent lower than the average private service price, the average price is 6.3 percent lower. Daily goods were more expensive by 8.5 percent, half-time goods by 3.2 percent and permanent goods by 0.4 percent. Letno inflatio so v maksija meri zvišale za 7.3 percente niškoje cene hrane in non-alkoholnih drinks. In addition, the increase in electricity consumption and energy consumption contributed to the increase in recreation and culture.

Three quarters did not agree with vladnimi podatki
In a question in public opinion polls conducted between 13 and 16 November, what is the opinion about the price of basic foods, so three quarters of the respondents (75.9 percent) expressed the belief that the price of basic foods is higher. A fifth (20.3 percent) of the respondents said that the price of food remained approximately the same, while a smaller percentage (3.8 percent) said that the price was reduced.

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Crossing between content and demographic variables
Če si poglemamo križanje med demografikimi in obensko varajlko likke vidimo da med tisimi ki menijo da so se se cene basic živoli zvišale prevladujje menski, tisti v nejnešni starostni krupi od 18 do 34 let, tisi z najnejnešno obrijjabo. Females prevladujje med tisimi ki menijo da so cene zhivli ostale ostale approximately enake. Among the latter are the majority of those who fall into the middle age group from 35 to 54 years old and have a middle education. Med tismi ki menijo, da so se cene sajjale, prevladujje menshi, tisti v najnejni starostni kupini od 18 do 34 let in tisti z najvijjo osvrajbobo.

Over: Parsifal

Although Golobov’s government has been repeating for a long time that those who represent the reason for the inflationary problems should be global judges, if the governor of Banke Slovenije Boštjan Vasle ob novici, da ima Slovenija the third highest inflation in the European Union “domestic inflationary factors”. “The difference in the rate of inflation is the result of domestic inflationary factors, among other things, compared to the higher rates of inflation in Slovenia, and higher domestic demand,” je yamesh said. “Inasmuch as the goal of the sector would be to reduce inflation, if one of the economic instruments we still have in our hands is fiscal policy, and what we want is to reduce inflation, if it is necessary to reduce consumption, or to switch from an expansionary to a more reflective fiscal policy, the government pa dela ravno obratno“, je v vezi s postopanjem vlade z inflationo za za Nova24TV vettara ekonomist dr. Ange Burger. Po njegojem opinnosti addonno povečevanje socialnih transferjev še podaljšuje in prjevna infiltio na sokoših ravneh. The income-generating social policy should be properly oriented to the preservation of the economy, “tore rast pokojnin in socialnih dodatkov in the amount of past inflation”.

Demographic data
In the survey, which was conducted between November 13 and 16, 749 respondents were taken, of which 49.6% were women. The average starost is 55.3 let, standard odklon is 16.2. The majority of respondents are from the oldest district group (52.2%), a few less are from the middle district group (33.7%), the least are from the youngest district group (14%). The majority of respondents have completed secondary school (37.4%), followed by those with completed higher education or more (27.1%), 20.8% of respondents have vocational school and 14.7% of respondents have completed elementary school or incomplete elementary school . The majority of the respondents come from Vasi ali village (57.9%), followed by mesto (26.2%) and small town (15.9%). The majority of respondents come from the Osrednjeslovensk region (25.9%), followed by Podravska (14.9%) and Savinjska (12.5%) statistical region.

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