The mayor of Riga and the youth guards have chosen the fir trees that will decorate the Dome Square and the Town Hall Square


For the first time, Christmas trees were chosen in the Gauja forestry territory of “Rīgas mežu” – near Jūdažie, Sigulda county.

This year, the Riga mayor was helped to search for the main decorations of the city’s festivities by the Young Guards unit of the 45th secondary school of Riga, whose members gave a solemn promise on Lāčplēš day, as well as the rangers of Gauja forestry.

In total, this year the capital will be decorated with more than 50 Christmas trees that came from the “Riga forests”. They will be installed both in the main squares of Riga, in the neighborhoods and near educational institutions, the municipality informs.

The Gauja forestry area of ​​”Rīgas mežu” is around 20,500 hectares (ha), which spreads on both sides of the Vidzeme highway – around Ādaži, Carnikava and Kalngali, as well as around Stopinių and Ulbrok, while small areas are on the side of Salaspils and Sigulda. The main tree species are pine – about 90%, birch – about 6%, and spruce – about 5%.

In the forestry territory there is a protected area of ​​European importance – the nature reserve “Garkalne forests” with an area of ​​364 ha. It is famous for the fact that about half of Latvia’s green crow population nests there. Part of the forest is also the nature park “Piejūra” with an area of ​​528 ha. Such rare bird species as, for example, the plover and the puffin can also be found in the forestry area.

“Rīgas meži” is a municipal company founded in 2008. It takes care of 62,000 ha of forests, 446 ha of Riga’s parks and greenery, as well as the 367 ha cultural and recreational park “Mežaparks” and the sustainable development, biological diversity and accessibility of these areas for the public.

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