WWE’s LA Knight ruins Paul Heyman’s farewell to John Cena speech on SmackDown

WWE’s LA Knight ruins Paul Heyman’s farewell to John Cena speech on SmackDown
WWE’s LA Knight ruins Paul Heyman’s farewell to John Cena speech on SmackDown

After listening to Paul Heyman eulogize the career of his friend, John Cena, LA Knight arrived on SmackDown to ruin The Bloodline’s night.

After thoroughly dispatching John Cena at Crown Jewelwith Solo Sikoa hitting him in the throat about a half-dozen times with his signature Samoan Spikes on the way to a decisive victory, Paul Heyman and the rest of The Bloodline were feeling good, so much so that they requested a segment on SmackDown before Jimmy Uso’s match with LA Knight to really rub it in.

Standing in the middle of the ring in front of a crowd less than enthusiastic to see them, Heyman went all the way in on his client’s win, delivering a promo that is right up there with his very best.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am known as the ‘Wiseman’ and special counsel and have I got a surprise for you tonight: An impromptu acknowledgment of, all puns intended, a ceremony for the winner of the match at WWE Crown Jewel via pinfall through several Samoan Spikes, directly from the Island of Relevance and on behalf of The Bloodline, the winner is Solo,” Paul Heyman announced.

“Hey, you can boo all you want, but you’re about to cheer because, ladies and gentlemen, the surprise of the night, joining us live here tonight, from Evansville, Indiana, the 16-time champion of the world, from Westbury, Massachusetts, John Cena.”

As the crowd turned their collective heads towards the entrance ramp, the members of The Bloodline began to laugh, with fans quickly learning why.

“… is not here this evening and that’s all thanks to Solo. As a matter of faction, John Cena will never appear in a WWE ring ever again and that’s all thanks to Solo. And I see the little kid in the front row crying, ‘I don’t believe it unless John Cena says it’s so.’ Well John Cena can’t say it’s so, because John Cena Can barely speak, and that’s all thanks to Solo. And even if John Cena could speak right now, John Cena has so much hustle, loyalty, respect, and love and affirmation, and admiration for each and every single one of you; John Cena doesn’t have the heart to say goodbye to the CeNation or the WWE Universe. So I get to say goodbye to John Cena, and I get to say goodbye to you for John Cena.

“So, on behalf of your ‘Tribal Chief,’ Roman Reigns, on behalf of Jimmy Uso, on behalf of Solo: John Cena, goodbye. 3-2-1, now you know how serious this is, because that was John’s cue. Someone comes out here and says, ‘You’ll never see him again, if you do, Solo will whip his a**’ and *sings John Cena’s theme* and John Cena slides into the ring, and he hits the Five Moves of Doom on Jimmy and the Five Moves of Doom on Solo, and the Five Moves of Doom on me, and we bump out of the ring, and everybody goes crazy. And you will never experience that again, and it’s all because of Solo,” Heyman announced.

“Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘No one stays gone in the WWE Universe forever, and if John ever does come back, Solo has to be his opponent, Solo has to be his target; otherwise, he’s not John Cena, and we all know he’s John Cena 24/7, 365.’ Except he can’t communicate, which means he’s not really John Cena anymore, and that’s all because of Solo. Jimmy, Jimmy, it would have been the greatest promo of his career, he just had to acknowledge the real goat, but now, he can’t even say goodbye since Solo spiked him in the throat. No, you won’t see him in Hollywood, no place far, no place near; you can’t see John Cena because John Cena won’t be here, and it’s all be…”

Unfortunately for Heyman – but fortunately for the crowd in attendance – LA Knight’s music hit, and the “Megastar” immediately derailed The Bloodline’s plans.

LA Knight rains on Paul Heyman and The Bloodline’s parade.

Emerging to near-universal cheers from the WWE Universe, LA Knight began his own promo tour-de-force and was able to not only overcome his opponent but prove yet again that a loss to Roman Reigns hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

“Let me talk to ya!” You’re out here talking about cause and effect, and the one cause and effect that you haven’t mentioned is no matter how good Roman Reigns has been, everybody knows the only reason Roman Reigns is still Champion today is because of The Bloodline, yeah! Everybody here knows that’s a problem. The whole world knows that’s a problem. I know that’s a problem. So I think to myself, ‘We’ve got a problem; well I’ve got a problem solver, and his name is LA-Knight!’” LA Knight announced to the crowd.

“But what’s that mean? What that means is that I’m standing here on SmackDown because I made it that way. I stood across from the WWE Champion at Crown Jewel because I made it that way. And The Bloodline will cease to exist because I will make it that way. But the first stop on that path, every single one of you, Solo, Jimmy, Paul, each one of you will fall until it’s just me and Roman. Nowhere to go, nobody to save him, and tonight, the first stop on the path is old Jimmy Uso; since you cost me the WWE Championship, you’ve got to pay the price. But I just heard MC Boss Hogg out here; he wanted to go ahead and give us his lyrical stylings, well, I’ve got a little something for you about old Jimbo Uso, and it goes like this, ‘He says yeet or no yeet, Jim is him, but Jim gonna be real dim after all the drama he eats BFT and blunt force trauma, yeah! Which means you’ve got a front row seat to getting stomped out by the man they call the Megastar, with everybody saying, “LA-Knight, yeah!”

In the past, LA Knight was a happy-go-lucky babyface who was on top of the world after taking a rocket to the moon following a rocky start to his main roster career. But now? Now Knight is a man on a mission, chasing the WWE Univere’s white whale like he’s Captain Ahab with a pension for Timbs and round sunglasses. All things considered, that feels like an improvement.

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