The man is accused of sexually abusing the child, the mother


A man is accused of satisfying sexual desire in an unnatural way with the daughter of his acquaintance. The accused also raped the girl. Also, the mother of the victim girl, who supported the criminal offenses of the accused man, was brought to criminal responsibility in the case.

The accused woman has constantly promised her minor daughter that she will have to build a relationship with the accused man, because no one else will need the girl.

The victim girl, being materially and emotionally dependent on her mother, as well as due to the physical and emotional violence applied by her mother, which manifested itself in the physical impact of the girl, calling her obscene words, pulling her hair, obeyed what she said and began to perceive the accused man as a trusted person and authority.

Due to the psychological characteristics of her childhood and age, the victim girl could not understand the meaning of what her mother claimed, and she could not protect herself because she was in a helpless state, that is, she was not aware of the true nature and meaning of the actions performed by them due to her young age.

The accused man met the minor girl for several years and, taking advantage of the child’s helplessness, repeatedly performed sexual acts with the girl and satisfied his sexual desire, which the girl’s mother also knew and supported.

As a result of the accused man’s illegal actions, the victim girl’s sexual integrity, morality and normal physical and mental development were threatened, the investigators emphasize.

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