a drunken man walks on power lines


When the man saw the police, he returned to the balcony of the five-story house and hid in the apartment where he was arrested, reports “Argumenti i fakti”.

In the spring of this year, a 41-year-old resident of Voronezh became a sensation on social networks, who was seen to fall out of the window of the 19th floor while intoxicated and not only to stay alive, but to surprise the rescuers who arrived by being able to walk to the ambulance on his own. What’s more, he entertained the doctors with a performance of a lyrical song!

Eyewitnesses believe that the lucky man could thank the car parked near the house for saving his life, in which the airbags activated after his fall, significantly cushioning the impact. The car “Nissan X-Trail” itself suffered much more severely than a person, turning into a pile of metal.

However, the man was able to stand up and even wanted to leave on his own, but his legs were stuck in the wreckage of the car and he needed the help of rescuers to free him. In the ambulance, he surprised the doctors by singing “Love like a dream”. The Voronezh Health Department announced at the time that the condition of the hospitalized victim was “satisfactory”.

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