The most romantic time of the year – engagement season! Everything you need to know about engagement rings


Did you know that all over the world, the period from November to February – Valentine’s Day – is called the engagement season? It is at this time that most proposals are made – according to statistics, around 40% of all proposals are made during the holidays.

Jeweler Arvis Kotins tells about the engagement traditions in the world and in Latvia, the meaning of engagement rings and their design.

Engagement season – the most romantic time of the year

Many couples choose to get engaged during the fall and winter months because of the romantic atmosphere created by the holiday season – from November, when America celebrates Thanksgiving Day, to February, when we celebrate all lovers, or Valentine’s Day, the highest number of proposals are made around the world.

Parallels can also be drawn with Latvia – in the fall, when all the work was done, it was time to go to see the bride, to pay the dowry during the winter and to celebrate the wedding in the summer.

Nowadays, the course of the year and the weather no longer play such a big role in everyday life, but holidays are still celebrated – Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day. It’s a wonderful and very romantic time to propose!

“When you propose to your beloved woman on a holiday, you can not only kill two birds with one stone – you will always remember the date of the proposal, and the gift – an engagement ring – will be really special, but also the surrounding festive mood will add additional magic.

The most active time for weddings is always in the summer, so autumn and winter are perfect to propose and get ready for the wedding at your leisure!” jeweler Arvis Kotins shares his experience.

Why propose on the holidays? The bride-to-be will most likely be spoiled, there will be a special mood around her.

If you are celebrating with family or friends, the proposal will become a particularly memorable moment to share with your loved ones, and the engagement ring will be a special gift that will always be remembered!

Diamonds are girls’ best friends

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When proposing, it is traditionally accepted to give an engagement ring – it serves as a symbol of love, commitment and the promise of a joint future. The tradition of wearing engagement rings dates back centuries and has evolved over time to symbolize a couple’s commitment to being together and getting married.

“A ring is a tangible and long-lasting proof of a couple’s commitment, which shows the emotional investment in their relationship,” adds A. Kotins, confirming that more and more couples attach special importance not only to marriage, but also to the engagement ring.

One of the most well-known engagement traditions is giving an engagement ring with a diamond, a tradition that gained popularity in the 20th century thanks to effective marketing campaigns, when the advertising slogan “diamonds are forever” was invented in America in an effort to sell as many sparkling gems as possible. Admittedly, the ad worked well – the diamond is still the most popular choice for engagement rings.

“A diamond – a polished diamond – is not just a tradition or prestige. It is also durability, quality and guarantee – only a diamond will stand the tests of life with you. It won’t crumble, it won’t crack, it won’t show streaks – we’re not only talking about traditions and unparalleled brilliance, but also about considerations of a really practical nature when choosing a precious stone that will retain its prestigious appearance and also its value so that the ring can be handed down as an inheritance to future generations,” says Arvis.

What engagement ring designs are in fashion right now

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“Classically, an engagement ring is a fairly simple, elegant model of a ring, the main value of which is the central gem, however, I always tell my clients that there are no limits to fantasy – you can also propose with a nameje ring or a ring made, for example, in the shape of a flower in the girl’s favorite color – it will give additional meaning and value!

Is an engagement ring mandatory?

There are very few things in life that must be done, and of course you can do without an engagement ring, you can do without wedding rings and even a wedding – in my opinion, this question is not about what is mandatory, but about the couple and especially the future husband’s attitude towards the bride and their relationship,” argues Arvis. “In my opinion, jewelry is a special gift that a woman will rarely choose to buy herself. Why not indulge?”

How much does an engagement ring cost?

When choosing a ring in a jewelry store, everything depends on taste and budget – if you choose a silver ring, you can spend up to 20 euros, but if you use your imagination, you can also propose with a nut or candy wrapper.

However, when it comes to a ring that falls under the jewelry category, it is traditionally assumed that a ring costs about two men’s monthly wages.

Jeweler Arvis Kotins says: “It is rather a question not about the price, but about how much your relationship is worth – here is the answer to the question of how expensive a ring to offer to be together until the edge of the grave, in joys and sorrows.” However, if we are only talking about numbers and not emotions, we need to understand whether the ring will be worn or put in a box. If you want the ring to become an ornament that is worn on a daily basis, without losing its prestigious appearance, you should choose high-quality materials – gold, diamonds.

I give a lifetime guarantee for the jewelry I make – this means that the ring can be polished so that it shines like new again, if necessary – change the size, add additional precious stones, personalized engraving.”

Speaking of rings (and the price of diamonds), lab-grown diamonds are gaining more and more popularity in the world – even such giants of jewelry as Tiffany, Cartier and others offer just such diamonds in their creations.

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When asked how real diamonds differ from “ordinary” diamonds, Arvis says: “Looking with the naked eye, you will never tell the difference between a “real” and a lab-grown diamond, although it would be more accurate to say – both are real, only one is hundreds of years old grown in the depths of the earth, and the other – created in a few months in laboratory conditions. Their brightness and durability will be equal, only the price will differ – the one created by human hands will be cheaper, the more accessible it is.”

Why propose on the holidays?

The engagement ring will become not only a gift, but a part of special and very beautiful memories – it is an emotional promise to build a joint future.

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“At the moment when clients come back to me to add to their family’s special jewelry collection, I understand that more and more people are starting to pay attention to things that may not always be practical, and many will say – you can do without them! However, a proposal, a wedding, the birth of a child or beautiful anniversaries and holidays – this is the moment when we can show our loved ones how much they mean to us. And why not do it with a special piece of jewelry made just for them?” says jeweler Arvis Kotins (pictured).

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