Hungary – Denmark, Norway – Kazakhstan. Text live broadcast

Hungary – Denmark, Norway – Kazakhstan. Text live broadcast
Hungary – Denmark, Norway – Kazakhstan. Text live broadcast

On the second day of the World Ice Hockey Championship on May 13, six games will be played in Riga and Tampere. Hungary and Denmark will meet in Tampere in the afternoon games, while Norway and Kazakhstan will compete in “Arena Riga”.

Portal “Delfi” offers a live broadcast of game text.

WC in hockey 2023: May 13 games

France – Austria 2:1 (1:0, 0:0, 0:1, 1:0) Goal scorers: Tim Bozon (19:29 min., extra), Florian Chakiachvili (60:39 min., extra) ) – Thomas Raffle (46:56 min., over) Rejections: Justin Adamo (2 min., 2:56), Alexandre Texier (5+20 min., 43:39) – David Reinbacher (2 min., 17 :23) – Bernd Wolff (2 min., 18:38), Oliver Ackermann (2 min., 34:28), Marco Rossi (2 min., 58:23), Manuel Ganal (2 min., 59:08 ) Shots on goal: 28 (12+8+6+2) – 28 (6+10+12+0)

Switzerland – Slovenia 7:0 (2:0, 1:0, 3:0) Goal scorers: Denis Malgin (12:56 min., extra), Janiss Moser (13:29 min.), Nino Niederreiter (32: 47 min., over.), Denis Malgin (41:59 min., over.), Calvin Turkauf (43:46 min., over.), Marco Miranda (50:39 min.), Christoph Bertschi (57:05 min.) – – Rejections: Michael Fora (2 min., 26:14), Marko Miranda (2 min., 45:11) – Rok Tičar (2 min., 12:45), Blaž Gregorcs (2 min., 31:29), Aleksandrs Magovačs (2 min., 40:58), Robert Sabolić (2 min., 42:58 min.), Tadej Čimzar (2 min., 48:29), Blaž Tomaževičs (2 min., 59:07) Shots on goal: 36 (12+11+13) – 17 (4+7+6)

60:39 min. France – Austria 2:1. The game is over France does not use the large majority, but soon after uses a four-to-three majority. Florians Chakiachvili scores a goal with a wrist shot, however, it appears in the protocol that Saša Treijer touched the puck in front of the goal and changed the flight.

France has a big advantage, Bozon’s shot hits the puck. Then another chance for Bozon, Kickerts barely notices the puck and pushes it to the ice.

France – Austria 1:1. Extra time begins

France – Austria 1:1. The 3rd period has ended, a huge offensive for France, Austrian goalkeeper Kickert loses his stick. Incredibly, in the last second, France do not score

France has the majority, another rejection in the last minute of regular time for the Austrians

For France, the majority of Austrians remain in the minority at the end of the regular season. France’s coaches take a break to pull out a victory in regulation time

Switzerland – Slovenia 7:0. The game is over

The majority for Switzerland The Swiss will still be in the majority in the last minute

57:05 min. Switzerland – Slovenia 7:0 Bertchi plays brilliantly. Tricks the defender and the goalkeeper and then shoots into an empty net.

In Tampere, the puck slips into the French goal, but there was a dangerous play in the goalkeeper’s area and an “attack” on the goalkeeper, so the referees immediately cancel the goal without even watching the video replay.

Switzerland – Slovenia 6:0 A few seconds after the majority, the Swiss score the sixth goal. The Slovenians lose the puck again in their own zone in a scramble at the rim, play and Miranda scores without any problems.

Switzerland does not realize the majority this time. It won’t be 100%.

46:56 min. France – Austria 1:1 Austria does not get attacked for a long time. Then, after entering the zone, the captain of the team, Thomas Raffle, makes an excellent individual play, equalizing the score.

For Switzerland, the majority of the Swiss have realized four out of four rejections. Will there be a fifth?

Slovenes have no majority. Can’t really get into the offensive zone, let alone make shots. On the other hand, Switzerland has a moment at the end of the minority – Berči breaks at the moment of the stick throw.

For Slovenia, the majority of Slovenians have a chance to score at least one goal

A majority for Austria, a 5+20 rejection for France. Texier receives a rejection for profanity. He could even be given several penalties – first a hit on the stick, followed by tripping and then a push on the edge. After watching the video replay, Texier receives the big penalty 5+20.

Switzerland – Slovenia 5:0 The Slovenians do not throw the puck out of the zone, quick play follows and Switzerland realizes the majority for the fourth time. Kalvin Turkauf scores the goal.

Another majority for Switzerland

France – Austria 1:0. Period 3 begins

Switzerland – Slovenia 4:0 Mostly good play by the Swiss. A particularly easy shot towards the goal, hoping to fix the puck. But the goalkeeper saves and from the other side Malgin sends the puck into an empty net. Malgin already has two goals and one assist

A majority for Switzerland

Switzerland – Slovenia 3:0. Period 3 begins

France – Austria 1:0. The 2nd period has ended

Austria ran into a counterattack in the minority, but after a play-off, the shot flew over the goal

Switzerland – Slovenia 3:0. The 2nd period has ended

A majority for France

In Tampere, the Austrians, who are more active, managed to take the initiative in the second period. Austria has eight shots, while the opponents only two. However, the score is still 1-0 in favor of France.

32:47 min. Switzerland – Slovenia 3:0 Several dangerous moments for Switzerland, until one moment is used. Curious goal – the Slovenians could intercept the puck and Malgin passed the puck towards the goal. Niederreiter put his stick in front of the goal and the puck jumped over the goalkeeper’s stick.

In Switzerland, majority Slovenes remain a minority. A good chance for Switzerland to regain more of the initiative and also increase the lead

The Slovenians mostly did not really create moments, the Swiss hockey players played tactically smartly, often keeping the puck.

26:14 min. A majority for Slovenia

France – Austria 1:0. Period 2 begins

Switzerland wastes a brilliant opportunity. Switzerland’s first shot is saved by the Slovenian goalkeeper Krosel, but then Turkhof could shoot into an empty net – the shot breaks and the Slovenian goalkeeper manages to move.

Slovenians actively started the 2nd period, a couple of shots on goal. The Slovenians show that Switzerland cannot feel any less safe.

Switzerland – Slovenia 2:0. Period 2 begins

France – Austria 1:0. The 1st period has ended

19:29 min. France – Austria 1:0 The French did not use the advantage of two men, but then they score goals in the majority. After an excellent pass, Tim Bozon shoots accurately

18:38 min. France have the majority, another violation in the defensive zone for the Austrians. For more than 40 seconds, the French will have a two-man advantage

Switzerland – Slovenia 2:0. The 1st period has ended. Switzerland, after gaining a two-goal advantage, plays more loosely and therefore creates dangerous moments. At the end of the first period, Switzerland completely dominated the field

17:23 min. France manages to stop most of France’s dangerous attacks on Austria only by breaking the rules

In the arena of Riga, the Swiss do not take advantage of a Slovenian mistake in defense, but immediately follow the Slovenian counterattack, in which the Swiss goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni remains unbeaten.

France has a good offensive, the puck was in front of the goal for a long time, but Austrian goalkeeper Kickert is the first to notice it and collect it

13:29 min. Switzerland – Slovenia 2:0 The Slovenians make a mistake in their zone, an excellent and accurate wrist shot by Moser follows – the puck is back in the “nine”. Two goals in 33 seconds.

12:56 min. Switzerland – Slovenia 1:0 The Swiss quickly play a combination after winning a shot and Denis Malgin hits the “nine” with a strong shot

12:42 min. For Switzerland, the majority Slovenian Tičar gets a penalty for cackling

Switzerland has a big advantage, but Slovenia plays excellent defense and the opponents have not had any real dangerous moments. Switzerland also had only three shots in eight minutes. In the ninth minute, the first moment for Slovenia, in front of the goal after a change in the flight of the puck, could have been a goal.

Austria got the majority in the third minute, but didn’t really create anything dangerous in two minutes.

In Arena Riga, the first five minutes are convincingly played by the Swiss, who got to know the arena well in two test matches in Riga before the championship. Also “on paper” the Swiss are the favorites of the game.

France – Austria. The game has started

Switzerland – Slovenia. The game has started

The World Hockey Championship in Riga and Tampere is gaining momentum. On Saturday, May 13, hockey fans will have six games throughout the day. France and Austria will “warm up” the day in Tampere, while Swiss and Slovenian hockey players will “cut” the ice in Arena Riga. Games start at 12:20 p.m.

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