A German environmental activist organization is suing the government for failing to meet climate targets

A German environmental activist organization sued the government on Tuesday for failing to meet climate targets.

When the government missed targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector and construction in 2021, it should have agreed as soon as possible on effective measures to get back on track, but officials have failed to do so by the statutory deadline, the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation said. (BUND).

If German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government is politically unable or unwilling to do so, it should be forced through legal means, the organization believes.

In 2021, the German transport sector breached its carbon emission target by 3.1 million tonnes, and the construction sector by 2.5 million tonnes, according to data available to the BUND.

In July 2022, officials presented a plan to cut carbon emissions in both sectors faster, but a government panel of experts criticized the proposals as insufficient.

In a historic decision, Germany’s constitutional court concluded in 2021 that the government’s climate plans were insufficient and placed an unfair burden on future generations.

In response to the court decision, the government, then led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, set closer deadlines for reducing emissions and planned to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

In 2022, Germany fell short of its goal of reducing carbon emissions by a total of about five million tons, the Agora Energiewende think tank reported.

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