What is the typical profile of a drunk driver?

What is the typical profile of a drunk driver?
What is the typical profile of a drunk driver?

The typical drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of one and a half is a man between the ages of 30 and 39. 40% drive despite the imposed ban on driving a vehicle, while 5% do not have a driver’s license at all. Audi and Volkswagen are usually at the helm. There is no uniform socioeconomic profile. 26% of those analyzed are drunk drivers – recidivists.

Andis Rinkevics

Chief of the Prevention Management Department of the VP Main Order Police Department

“What we are concerned about is that the existing means of influence are not affecting them. They have received both large fines, community service, 4% of them imprisonment, as punishment deprivation of liberty. And even then, these were the leaders who, having served one punishment, after a few months received exactly the same next one.”

Juris Jančevskis

Head of VP Traffic Safety Department

“A person without a permanent job, without a permanent income, without assets. When collecting a fine, it is impossible to put any pressure on him or collect property that would affect his future existence.”

The lack of traffic police makes it difficult to create awareness of the inevitability of punishment. Of the 400 state places, 250 are unfilled. It is too early to judge what effect the car confiscation, repossession, or fine calculation of the car’s value, which was introduced two months ago, will have. So far, the largest fines in the market value of a passenger car are 6,000 and 10,000 euros.

Juris Jančevskis

Head of VP Traffic Safety Department

“These leaders explain, yes, they know, having seen the informative announcement that the legislation is changing, criminal liability is foreseen. Despite knowing, sat behind the wheel drunk. It is incomprehensible.”

It was also concluded that drunk drivers are not affected by social advertising campaigns. All you have to do with them is to continue to appeal to fellow human beings so that they do not allow drunk drivers to get behind the wheel. It would be necessary to start to find out whether these offenders are inherently alcohol dependent.

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Janis Vanks

“Safe driving school” expert

“Then what has happened in the lives of these people, why have they gone to such a state that it doesn’t matter. There really is a job for psychologists.”

A question was raised today – could CSDSS refuse to issue driver’s licenses if a person’s past behavior indicates a danger to traffic safety?

Aivars Aksenoks

CSDD board chairman

“It will probably be a difficult, complicated issue from a legal point of view, from a data protection point of view. Unfortunately, this will not be possible. Education will play a role here, and what driving schools do before taking the driver’s exam is important.”

In the discussion between the proposals organized by the State Police, there is no more tolerance for intoxication of even half a million. The punishment should be severe even with a low concentration of alcohol in the breath.

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