112 times over 42 kilometers. Bright marathon collector Samantha

112 times over 42 kilometers. Bright marathon collector Samantha
112 times over 42 kilometers. Bright marathon collector Samantha

What does one runner usually ask another? What is your best time and how many marathons have you run, says the 42-kilometer distance enthusiast – 36-year-old Samanta Petakova, a native of Tukum with an impressive appearance. Considering that she has never deceived herself or others by saying that she will be able to achieve speed records, Samantha has chosen another way to leave her name on the world marathon map. She started the year 2022 with 42, but ended it with 112 marathons, which means that within 12 months, Samantha has crossed the finish lines of 70 marathons around the world.

In her teenage years, Samantha’s paths from Tukums pointed in the direction of Riga. Although you might think that her bread work is necessarily related to sports and fitness, it is not at all – Samantha is a creative soul who spends her days sewing women’s clothes at home. “I sew dresses, blouses, skirts… Mostly festive clothes. A year and a half ago, I also started sewing dresses for rent, that is, dresses that can be rented for photo sessions, social events,” she says.

Samantha has been calling herself a costume fairy for the last six years, even before that she had put a diploma in the world of data and numbers – entrepreneurship – in her pocket. It didn’t take long until she concluded that she was not made for office work, so she threw herself into a creative challenge – she trained as a make-up artist. Samantha truly loved her work, once she was able to devote almost all weekends to cleaning ladies for many years, but at the same time, the desire to get to know the sewing machine more closely grew. As Samantha herself says, visits to clothing stores rarely have a happy ending, so she initially learned the basics of sewing and construction purely for her own needs. However, soon both friends and relatives wanted to wear clothes created by Samantha, naturally allowing sewing clothes to become the main daily activity.

Samantha’s work and marathons are a great duo, they don’t interfere with each other, that is, she is her own boss, so clothes orders can be completed at any hour of the day. But – about everything in turn!

Life has two chapters – before and after marathons

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