After ten goals in the regular time, “Kurbads” beat the leaders in the post-game shots – Hockey –

After ten goals in the regular time, “Kurbads” beat the leaders in the post-game shots – Hockey –
After ten goals in the regular time, “Kurbads” beat the leaders in the post-game shots – Hockey –

“Kurbada” hockey players took the lead twice in the first third of the game, with both Robert Yekimov and Artūrs Mickevičs excelling. In the Jelgava team, Kevin Strādnieks and Gustavs Millers gave the answer, helping “Zemgale” recover from both deficits and finish the first 20 minutes with a fighting draw – 2:2.

At the beginning of the second period, the teams switched roles. Artūrs Karaša took the lead for Jelgava, but Matīss Bīriņš scored a quick goal for “Kurbada”. The first serious breakthrough for the Latvian champion team “Zemgale” came in the second half of the second period, when Kristāns Zelts and Eimantas Noreika gave a 5:3 advantage to the Jelgava players.

“Kurbads” was not afraid of pushing the game into positions. Very quickly, at the beginning of the third quarter, David Livšits reduced the difference to one goal, but less than ten minutes before the end of overtime, Roberts Yekimov scored his second goal, making the score 5:5. None of the teams managed to win at the end of regular time.

In the middle of extra time, Renārs Tsiprus could give the victory to “Kurbad”. Marius Bajaruns-Galej was no longer in a position to save the Lielupe coast team, however, the puck thrown by the “Kurbada” striker hit both the crossbar and the post, treacherously jumping back into the field. Tom Bluk even took the goalkeeper off during extra time, but the result did not change in the five minutes of extra time.

Artūrs Ozoliņš with the first in the series of shots after the game bulls gave preference to “Kurbad”. In the home team’s goal, Fyodor Aganezov saved his first post-match shot. Livšić and Yekimov, who scored in the course of the game, continued to score for “Kurbad”, hitting two more after-game shots. Aganezov managed two more “Zemgales” executions for bullsallowing “Kurbad” to win with 3:1 in the postgame shots, which gave the game a 6:5 victory.

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OHL games this week

The date Time The game The result Place
31.01 19:00 Kurbad – Riga 3:1 Kurbad ice hall
19:10 Panther – Prism 5:1 Tallinn ice rink
19:30 Zemgale/LBTU – Mogo/LSPA 1:2 Jelgava Ice Hall
01.02 19:30 Hockey Punks – Kaunas City 3:4 p.m Vilnius ice rink
03.02 1:00 p.m Prism – Riga 3:6 Volvo ice rink
19:00 Kurbad – Zemgale/LBTU 6:5 PM Kurbad ice hall
04.02 14:30 Hockey Punks – Energy Vilnius ice rink

Overall rating

V A team S U UP ZP Z Gate P
1. Zemgale/LBTU 28 22 1 3 2 156:60 49
2. Mogo/LSPA 25 17 3 1 4 130:53 41
3. Kurbad 29 16 2 5 6 127:79 41
4. Panther 29 16 2 0 11 117:96 36
5. Prism 27 13 2 1 11 100:105 31
6. HS Riga 27 13 1 1 12 94:93 29
7. Kaunas City 28 8 3 1 16 98:124 23
8. Energy 25 3 1 0 21 52:134 8
9. Hockey Punk 28 0 0 3 25 53:183 3

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