Broky starts the big Katowice tournament with a sure win

Broky starts the big Katowice tournament with a sure win
Broky starts the big Katowice tournament with a sure win

The annual Katowice tournament in the computer game CS2 is being played again this year in the competition of 24 teams, which are fighting for a prize fund worth one million dollars.

This time, Marek YEKINDAR Galinski’s team “Liquid” has not been able to qualify for it, while “FaZe” usually starts the tournament from the second round or “Top 16” phase.

In their first match, FaZe met the local team Rebels, who are much lower in the world ranking (118th), but participate in the tournament with a home quota and managed to make it through the first round.

“FaZe” had no doubts about their victory and “Nuke” won 13:9 on the first map, gaining a 10:2 lead already in the first half.

This was followed by a similarly convincing performance on the Ancient map, where they won 13-7.

broky this time had the third best statistics in the team 30-26 and a rating of 1.18.

By far the best was this time for the team’s newcomer Slovakian David “frozen” Černiański, who managed to reach the statistics of 47-22.

“FaZe” thus retains its place in the upper branch in subgroup A and will fight against the Turkish team “Eternal Fire” (ranked 15th in the world) in the semi-finals of the group.

In case of victory, “FaZe” will guarantee a place in at least the quarter-finals and participation in the games in the “Spodek” arena, but in case of loss, they will have to move to the lower branch, where they will have to win two games in a row to reach the quarter-finals.

FaZe’s next game is scheduled for tomorrow night at 17:30.

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