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Misfortunes continue for Norwegian skiers – Winter sports –

Misfortunes continue for Norwegian skiers – Winter sports –
Misfortunes continue for Norwegian skiers – Winter sports –

It was a fiasco for Norwegian skiers last weekend in Goms, Switzerland, as Norwegian women did not make the top ten in both individual disciplines. Kristine Ståvos Šistads, who was dominant at the end of the last season and who is always in the top three this season, did not start, and none of the Norwegian women made it to the top 12 of the semi-finals. The last time this happened was two years ago. The best representative of this Scandinavian country was Matilde Myrvolde, who took 13th place.

The next day, in the 20km distance with a mass start in the freestyle, the same situation was repeated, that is, the best Norwegian was outside the top ten, and it became the 12th place winner Margrėte Bergane, who is the current U23 leader. Therefore, for the first time this season, Norwegian women were not in the top ten in the distance. While everything is going “Hooray” for the neighboring Swedes, Norwegian skiers are having a hard time.

Next week, the World Cup will continue in Canada, where only a couple of Norwegian women will probably go. The Norwegian Federation had decided that only those skiers who were high in the World Cup standings would be able to go to North America, so that their expenses would be covered by the International Federation (FIS). If the first four in the men’s PK overall standings are Norwegians and the red, white and blue have five in the six, then a completely different picture opens up in the women’s competition, where the only Norwegian Heidi Veng, who is currently ill, is in the top ten with the 8th place.

The Norwegian coaches also have to think about the options to get last year’s PK winner Tirila Udnes Veng to North America, because she started this season only in the second half of January, so naturally she is in a distant place.

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