Dampis continues to pass, a valuable victory for the team – Floorball – Sportacentrs.com

Dampis continues to pass, a valuable victory for the team – Floorball – Sportacentrs.com
Dampis continues to pass, a valuable victory for the team – Floorball – Sportacentrs.com

The riot is still effective, but without goals

In the Finland U-19 match, Markus Dumpis went on the field, contributing to the 7:5 (1:1; 1:2; 5:2) victory of the “Indians” team in the home match against Lahti “LaSB”. The Latvian floorball player worked in the team’s second shift, not excelling with effective shots in this match either, but earning two points for effective assists. It is interesting that this season the Latvian has not scored goals in either the U-19 or U-22 championships. In the U-19 tournament, Dumpim has now managed to collect three points for assists in the three matches in which he has played. If “Rangers” are fighting for a place in the play-offs, then the “Karhut” team is rather weak this season and will have to work hard to stay at this level.

The Garbares club wins and withdraws from the Swiss Cup

In the Swiss Cup women’s floorball, the quarter-final matches have been played and unfortunately, the club represented by Evelina Garbara has withdrawn from the tournament, having taken a 3-0 lead against the nominally stronger “Kloten-Dietlikon Jets” at home in the third minute. However, the score was already tied by the middle of the third period, but ten minutes before the end of regular time, the “ants” found themselves in the lead with a three-goal deficit. When the final siren sounded, the “Red Ants” left the field with their heads hanging, losing with the result 3:7 (2:2; 0:2; 1:3).

Malkavs negative in Diivari game

In Finland’s second strongest league, the player Jorens Malkavs went to the field to compete against “Rangers” as part of “Karhut”, whose application includes Markus Dumpis and Mikus Eduards ķikuts. They did not help their team this time, because Dumpis was busy in the Finnish U-19 Championship in the ranks of his main club, while ķikuts continues to recover from his injury. Meanwhile, Malkavs played in the team’s third line, without getting any points, but ended the game with a negative (-2) efficiency coefficient in a battle in which his team lost at home with 3:9 (1:4; 0:1; 2:4).

Razinskis plays in the first shift, the team fails

In the men’s 2nd division tournament of the Finnish floorball championship, Gustavs Rolands Razinskis played in the first row as part of the “Papa” team, but he did not score any points in the match, in which “Papa”, represented by him, visited with the result 4:6 (2:2; 1:3; 1:1) lost to the OFBC team. Thus, “Papa” still maintains the third position in the tournament table, but is already four points behind the two leading teams, which have also played two games less. The next game for the Razinska team is scheduled for December 16.

Vilde experiences another failure, without any points

“Jonkoping IK Utveckling” represented by Andy Wilde experienced another failure in the 2nd division tournament of the Swedish floorball championship. In the middle of the first period, the team represented by the Latvian took a 4:1 lead against “Tenhults IF”, but at the beginning of the third period, the guests had equalized the score, but five minutes before the final whistle, Vilde’s team caught up, unable to fight back and suffering a 5:6 loss (4:3; 1:1; 0:2). Vilde also did not get the first points of results in this level in this game. With nine points accumulated in eight games, the “Jonkoping IK Utveckling” team is in tenth place in the competition of 12 teams.

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