“Broncos” rises from the dead and pulls out the fourth victory in a row – Other sports – Sportacentrs.com

“Broncos” rises from the dead and pulls out the fourth victory in a row – Other sports – Sportacentrs.com
“Broncos” rises from the dead and pulls out the fourth victory in a row – Other sports – Sportacentrs.com

Often, Thursday night games turn out to be completely uninteresting. However, the opening match of Gameweek 11 had a very big impact on the rest of the season. In the battle of divisional rivals, Baltimore “Ravens” beat Cincinnati “Bengals” with the result 34:20. The most important events were on the injury front, as a wrist injury ruled him out for the rest of the season a tiger quarterback Joe Burrows, but the Ravens were without their great linebacker Mark Andrews. Lamar Jackson himself plays (pass: 2TD, 264 yards; rush: 54 yards) made the decisive breakthrough at the end of the first half with assists to Nelson Agalor (says: 1TD, 37 yards) and Rashod Bateman (says: 1TD, 10 yards). Both cornerbacks had the only touchdown catches of the game.

The leading team of the National Football Conference North Division, the Detroit Lions, escaped defeat against one of the most modest teams in the tournament, the Chicago Bears. Bears managed to make a breakthrough after Justin Fields (pass: 1TD, 169 yards; rush: 104 yards) passes to DJ Moore (says: 1TD, 96 yards). Chickadees had built a 12-point lead during the last quarter. Jared Goff (pass: 2TD, 3INT, 236 yards) after his many mistakes helped set up the chase with Jamison Williams (says: 1TD, 44 yards) touchdownbut the decisive touchdown was scored by quarterback David Montgomery (rush: 1TD, 76 yards). With the final score 31:26 lions won their eighth victory in ten games played.

The Miami Dolphins are back after a bye week that gave the team a chance to reflect on the setbacks they had experienced in the previous three weeks with two losses against last season’s Super Bowl finalists. It didn’t take long to show its jet rocket speed a dolphin winger Tyreek Hill (says: 1TD, 146 yards) for the first touchdown of the game against the Las Vegas Raiders. On the opposite side, Devante Adams (says: 1TD, 82 yards) confirmed that he is also among the league’s elite ball catchers, however, the general situation around the Nevada team is not grateful for the talented player to fully demonstrate his abilities. “Dolphins” teammate Tua Tangavailoa (pass: 2TD, 1INT, 325 yards) helped Florida take the lead in the game, but an interception in the end zone on the final play of the game helped protect the lead by injured quarterback Jalen Ramsey with his third interception in three games this season.

San Francisco “49ers” players scored another victory in a convincing manner, beating Tampa Bay “Buccaneers” 27:14. California quarterback Brock Purdy (pass: 3TD, 333 yards) threw three touchdown passes to his teammates to help lead the team to its seventh straight game, extending San Francisco’s lead in the National Football Conference West. Christian McCaffrey (rush: 78 yards; says: 1TD, 25 yards) had his 14th touchdown of the season. Brandon Ayuk (says: 1TD, 156 yards) broke the 100-yard mark for the fourth time this season. On the other hand, George Kittle (says: 1TD, 89 yards) had his fifth of the season touchdown.

The Seattle Seahawks took a 13-point advantage over their division rivals, the Los Angeles Rams, already in the second quarter. Aries scored their first points at the very end of the first half, with touchdown marking freshman Puka Nakua (says: 1TD, 70 yards). In the course of the game, the Rams’ best winger Cooper Kapp, who two seasons ago was out of the lineup due to a leg injury Super Bowl most valuable player On the other hand, “Seahawks” linebacker Gino Smith (pass: 1TD, 233 yards) suffered a shoulder injury late in the game sea ​​hawk Drew Lock to take over the linebacker duties. The Los Angeles unit took the lead 17-16 with a three-point shot with a minute and a half left in the game. Seattle came within a punt of winning on their final drive, but Jason Meyers 38-yarder licked off. forcing the Seahawks to suffer their fourth loss of the season, which has hampered Pete Carroll’s chances of winning the division title.

From the dead the Denver “Broncos” team, which opened the season with five defeats in the first six games, has unexpectedly risen. The only win in the season opener for horses came against the lowly Chicago Bears. But now the team led by Sean Payton has started to accumulate victories against competitive teams. In previous games, Denver defeated both Super Bowl the champions Kansas City “Chiefs” and the always dangerous Buffalo “Bills”. In Sunday night’s game, the Broncos hosted the Minnesota Vikings, who have a positive balance. After the injury of Kirk Cousins, the Northerners are led forward by an unexpected hero – Joshua Dobbs (pass: 1TD, 1INT, 221 yards; rush: 1TD. 21 yards), who has thrown around a quarter of NFL teams in seven seasons. Dobbs’ touchdown allowed for vikings to take a 17-9 lead in the third quarter. However, the decisive events of the game turned in favor of the Denver Broncos. Russell Wilson (pass: 1TD, 259 yards) addressed the ball to wide receiver Courtland Sutton in the end zone with a minute and a half before time expired (says: 1TD, 66 yards), whose catch gave Denver a 21-20 victory. For horses this was the fourth consecutive success, allowing for a neutral record of 5-5, which opened the curtain of hope for the fight for the place play-off in the tournament.

In the Monday night game, which will start at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday night (Latvian time), the previous Super Bowl members Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams are showing great performance again this season, being in the leading positions of their conferences.

NFL Week 11 Games

The game Res. The game Res
Ravens – Bengals 34:20
Browns – Steelers 13:10 Lions – Bears 31:26
Packers – Chargers 23:20 Dolphins – Raiders 20:13
Commanders – Giants 19:31 Panthers – Cowboys 10:33
Jaguars – Titans 34:14 Texans – Cardinals 21:16
49ers – Buccaneers 27:14 Bills – Jets 32:6
Rams – Seahawks 17:16 Broncos – Vikings 21:20
Chiefs – Eagles
Free weekend
Falcons / Colts / Patriots / Saints


American Football Conference

V. East Bil. North Bil. South Bil. West Bil.
1. Dolphins 7-3 Raven 8-3 Jaguar 7-3 Chiefs 7-2
2. Bill 6-5 Browns 7-3 Texan 6-4 Broncos 5-5
3. Jets 4-6 Steelers 6-4 Colts 5-5 Ryder 5-6
4. Patriot 2-8 Bengal 5-5 Titans 3-7 Chargers 4-6

National Football Conference

V. East Bil. North Bil. South Bil. West Bil.
1. Eagles 8-1 Lion 8-2 Saints 5-5 49ers 7-3
2. Cowboys 7-3 Viking 6-5 Falcons 4-6 Seahawks 6-4
3. Commander 4-7 Packers 4-6 Buccaneers 4-6 Ram 4-6
4. Giants 3-8 Bears 3-8 Panthers 1-9 Cardinals 2-9

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