Estonian pilot Aron has a serious accident in Macau GP : F1LV Blog

Estonian pilot Aron has a serious accident in Macau GP : F1LV Blog
Estonian pilot Aron has a serious accident in Macau GP : F1LV Blog

On Sunday, the final race of the “Formula 3” season took place on the Macau street circuit, where many leading drivers of this category from all over the world started. Estonian Paul Aron also took part, but his fight ended with a major crash.

This year, the Macau GP was held for the 70th time, and the competition was held for formulas as well as saloon cars and motorcycles. In the F3 category, a ten-lap qualification race was first held, where the starting places for the 15-lap Grand Prix competition were determined. As always on this legendary but difficult track, there was not a single accident. However, it was Aron who experienced the hardest of them in the main race.

The Estonian pilot was in fifth position when he crashed into the barrier on the eighth lap. The rear part of Arona’s car broke off, and the vehicle caught fire. The athlete was able to get out of the cockpit on his own and, fortunately, was not injured. At first, the safety car went on the track, but then the red flags were raised. Almost an hour passed before the track was prepared for the continuation of the race.

Aron explains that a lap before the accident, he easily hit the wall, but in the next lap, one of the rear suspension elements broke in one of the fast parts of the track, causing the vehicle to crash into the barrier at high speed.

A convincing victory was won by Hitech pilot Luke Browning, who maintained the lead both at the start and when the race resumed after the red flag period. The Brit is a member of the Williams Academy Young Pilots Program. 2021 FIA “Formula 3” champion Deniss Hauger, who has been competing in F2 for two years now, finished second, while Gabriele Mini was third.


Place Pilot A team The result
1 Luke Browning Hitech 15 rounds
2 Dennis Hauger MP Motorsport +0.347
3 Gabriel Mini Prema +0.699
4 Marie Boya MP Motorsport +1.038
5 Josep Maria Marti Campos +1,309
6 Richard Verschoor Trident +1.759
7 Isaac Hadjar Hitech +2,349
8 Zane Maloney Carlin +2,538
9 Oliver Goethe Campos +2,820
10 Lauren van Hoepen ART +3.008
11 Sophia Flörsch Van Amersfoort Racing +3,398
12 Roman Stanek Trident +3.969
13 Dan Ticktum Carlin +4,731
14 Tommy Smith Van Amersfoort Racing +5,012
15 Ugo Ugochukwu Trident +5,130
16 Christian Mansell ART +5,479
17 Matias Zagazeta Jenzer Motorsport +5,731
18 Marcus Armstrong MP Motorsport +6,861
19 Noel Leon Van Amersfoort Racing +7,640
20 Maxwell Esterson Jenzer Motorsport +13,221
21 Nikola Tsolov ART Dropped out
22 Sebastian Montoya Campos Dropped out
23 Charlie Wurz Jenzer Motorsport Dropped out
24 Paul Aaron Prema Dropped out
25 Dino Beganovic Prema Dropped out
26 Alex Dunne Hitech Dropped out

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