Lochmelis: Now I’m just living a dream

Lochmelis: Now I’m just living a dream
Lochmelis: Now I’m just living a dream

“For the first time in my life such feelings, I enjoy every moment. Now I’m just living in a dream,” said Lochmelis, who admitted that it’s difficult to express emotions in words.

Ločmelis scored in the 13th minute of the game, when after a pass from the back of the net, the puck went in front of the goal, from where the Latvian striker was unerring.

“I was waiting for the puck to fly out. It flew out, then all that was left was to send it into the goal,” Lochmelis, who spent the last years of his career in Sweden, recalled the goal. “To be honest, the Swedes are like my own and it’s easier to play against them. They are skilled, but they don’t play with their teeth.”

The 19-year-old world championship debutant Lochmelis admitted that the team believed in victory from the very beginning. “It’s easy to play in front of such an audience in every match. The spectators push forward so that their legs can’t keep up,” admitted the hockey player.

Lochmelis also revealed that at the beginning of the training camp he did not even think whether he would be able to play in the championship and even score a goal in such an important match.

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“I hadn’t thought that far at all, at the beginning I was just fighting for a place in the team and every day I was preparing for the next one,” revealed Lochmelis.

In the semifinals, Latvia will meet Canada on Saturday in Tampere at 2:20 p.m., and the USA will play Germany at 6:20 p.m.

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