Marco believes that ‘Red Bull’ will not be favorites on the Monaco track : F1LV Blog

Marco believes that ‘Red Bull’ will not be favorites on the Monaco track : F1LV Blog
Marco believes that ‘Red Bull’ will not be favorites on the Monaco track : F1LV Blog

Helmut Marko believes that the Red Bull team will not be the main favorite for victory on the street circuit of Monaco, where the next round of the F1 World Championship will take place.

In the five stages so far, Red Bull drivers have shown a dominant performance, sharing victories in all stages. In addition, only in Australia, where Sergio Perez finished fifth, it failed to achieve a double victory. Four podiums were achieved by Fernando Alonso, Louis Hamnilton and Charles Leclair entered the “Top 3” once.

“Red Bull will not be able to take advantage of their advantages on the Monaco circuit,” says 80-year-old Helmut Marko in an interview with “”. “Tire wear won’t be the deciding factor there, and there aren’t really any straights where we can demonstrate our top speed advantage.”

Marco believes that the main favorite in Monaco will be the Ferrari team, whose cars have good performance in the slow corners, as well as having previously excelled at good speed in qualifying mode. Spanish F1 expert Antonio Lobato agrees with this opinion, who thinks that not only Charles Leclair, but also Fernando Alonso or, for example, Louis Hamilton can win.

“Monaco is the only track where something different can happen, because here the driver is more important than the car,” he was quoted by the newspaper “Marca”. “This is a special race that defies logic. “Aston Martin”, “Ferrari” or “Mercedes” can win. Either way, these teams will have more opportunities to do so here than at other tracks. Qualification will be very important.”

In the previous two Monaco GPs, the home team Charles Leclair won the first starting position. At this track, pole position means a big step towards winning the race.

“If there is even a little hope, Leclair can win in qualifying,” former F1 driver Riccardo Patrese told Quoditiano Sportiva. “He’s phenomenal in qualifying and he’s from Monaco, he knows every inch of the asphalt. If he starts first, he can leave everyone behind on Sunday.”

In the previous two years, the “Red Bull” team won the Monaco stage. Sergio Perez did it last year, but Max Verstappen finished first two years ago.

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