“Riga” convincing performance and ninth straight victory in the Premier League season – Football – Sportacentrs.com

“Riga” convincing performance and ninth straight victory in the Premier League season – Football – Sportacentrs.com
“Riga” convincing performance and ninth straight victory in the Premier League season – Football – Sportacentrs.com

In the first half, the players of “Riga” attacked more often and more dangerously, who went on the offensive for several minutes. It started in the 22nd minute with Marco Regja’s shot on the goal post. His teammate Usenu Niang was the first to get the rebound, passing to Mikael Soisalo in the middle of the penalty area. Former “Riga” goalkeeper Roberts Ozols was able to handle the kick from the bag.

“Auda” responded to two sharp counter-attacks, in both of which “Auda’s” top scorer Vladimir Stepanov played a leading role. In the first of the attacks, Stepanov, together with his teammate, broke out against one “Riga” defender, Elbashir Ngoma, when Stepanov made a mistake in the pass. On the other hand, in the second episode, Stepanov took the initiative himself, breaking into the penalty area, where he made an inaccurate shot.

At the end of the first half, the “Riga” team had two excellent opportunities to score goals, and the Riga team used the first of them: in the 41st minute, Raivis Jurkovskis sent the Brazilian Dugals Aurelia with a pass on the right flank, who proved his individual mastery by beating the opponent and passing to the uncovered Serbian Milos Jojic, who beat Oak (1:0).

After a few minutes, Ozols made a mistake in the pass, which was intercepted by “Riga”. The Croatian Hrvoje Babec was in an excellent shooting position, but he decided not to shoot into the empty corner, but to pass the empty goal to the teammate in front of him. Babec’s pass probably saved “Auda”, its defender intercepted the ball.

At the beginning of the second half, “Riga” rehabilitated for the missed opportunity shortly before the break: a shot by Senegalese Mora Tallas was saved by Ozol, the first to reach the ball was Soisalo, who, like Jojic, scored his second goal this season (2:0).

In the continuation, “Riga” was much closer to increasing the lead than “Auda” was to reducing the difference in the result. In the 79th minute, after Jojic’s filigree pass, the Brazilian Režinaldus Ramiriss, who replaced the injured Regza, made a strong shot from a short distance, goalkeeper Ozolas choosing the right position and not only saving, but also catching the ball. In the very next “Riga” attack, Aureliu made a raid to the “Audas” penalty area, where he made a pass past the goal. On the run, he reached the ball, but Soisalo hit it over the empty corner of the goal.

“Riga”, which has accumulated a series of seven victories, will host Tukumniki on Sunday, while “Auda” will compete against RFS on the same afternoon.

“Auda” – “Riga” 0:2 (0:1)
Gate: Jojic 41′, Soisalo 49′.
Warnings: Minkevich 60′.
Fabric: Ozol – Minkevich, Isaev, Bretshneider, Novikov – Melnik, Stepanov – Saveliev (Atukvei 57′), Ogunniji (Mane 57′), Minchev – Piteo.
Riga: Puriņš – Chernomordy, Ngom (Musa 47′), Talla (Karamoko 90’+1), Jurkovskis (Ilyin 90’+1) – Babecs, Jojic, M. Regza (Ramiris 69′) – Niang (Ngena 70′), Soisalo , Aurelius.
Chief Judge: Kristaps Ratnieks.

13th round of the Premier League

The date Time The game The result Place
16.05. 18.00 Auda – Riga 0:2 (0:1) Mežapark SV
17.05. 17.00 Tukums 2000 – Valmiera Art of Tukum. field
18.00 Liepaja – RFS Stadium “Daugava”
18.05. 17.00 Super Nova – Jelgava Salaspils Stadium
18.00 Daugavpils – Metta Stadium “Esplanade”

Overall rating

V A team S U N Z Gate P
1. Riga 13 11 2 0 32:4 35
2. RFS 12 8 4 0 26:4 28
3. Liepaja 11 6 2 3 20:15 20
4. Valmiera 12 5 3 4 17:13 18
5. Matt 11 5 2 4 16:17 17
6. Fabric 13 4 4 5 10:17 a.m 16
7. Jelgava 12 3 2 7 14:23 11
8. Daugavpils 12 2 3 7 15:20 9
9. Tukums 2000/Telms 12 2 2 8 16:29 8
10. Super Nova Salaspils 12 2 0 10 7:31 a.m 6

Top goal scorers

V Player A team Number of
1. Andrei Ilyich RFS 8 (1)
2. Marco Regza Riga 7
3. Faust Steponavich Tukums 2000 6 (1)
4. Raivis Kiršs Tukums 2000 5 (4)
5. Emerson RFS 4
Moamet Correa Matt 4
7. Jibril Gay Valmiera 4 (1)
Give Liepaja 4 (1)
9. Douglas Aurelius Riga 4 (3)

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