Ovechkin hockey legend: you support the criminal responsible for the deaths of children in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin, second left, poses with ice hockey players Alexander Ovechkin, center right, Nikolai Kulyomin, right, and Danis Zaripov, left, at a reception honoring the national ice hockey team’s victory at the World Ice Hockey Championship, at the Kremlin in Moscow on May 27, 2014 .. (Photo: AP/Scanpix)

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Russian hockey star Alexander Ovechkin has returned to his homeland after another National Hockey League (NHL) season. The Washington “Capitals” captain was welcomed as a real hero in Russia, but Czech hockey legend Dominik Hasek was not impressed.

Ovechkin plans to spend the next four months in Russia. Today he will go to the gala reception in Moscow, where he will be the guest of honor at the meeting dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Dynamo Moscow.

The return of the Russian hockey star was hot news in the local media. One of the posts included a photo of Ovechkin posing with his wife and baby. Czech hockey legend Hasek decided to put the accent on this photo.

“His countrymen killed hundreds of Ukrainian children and kidnapped thousands like the baby in the picture. Russia killed thousands of Ukrainians. Ovechkin has always supported Vladimir Putin, the criminal responsible for these crimes,” the Czech said.

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