Samsung patents an electronic face mask with air purification technology


Samsung may have an electronic face mask in the works. A recently published patent application by the South Korean conglomerate describes a mask equipped with a processor, air filters, sensors, a fan and more. It filters dust particles and other unwanted substances from the air so you can breathe clean air.

A Samsung patent shows an electronic mask that helps purify the air you breathe

Originally filed in Korea in February 2023, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published this Samsung patent application on March 28, 2024. The patent is for an electronic mask and its control method. A 32-page official document discovered by MSPowerUser reveals its working method and features.

The mask supports different types of filters such as MA-60, MA-80 or MA-94 to purify the air you breathe. There are colorful patterns on the edges of the filters. The colors vary depending on the filter grade, so the system can determine the filter type based on these colors and adjust the rest of the settings accordingly. Samsung has also equipped the filters with sensors in all corners to detect the level of dirt.

The processor uses data from these sensors to automatically adjust the fan speed. If the filters are dirty, the fan spins faster to remove the dust faster. If they are not that dirty, it will slow down to save battery. The entire setup works at the same time to filter dust and inject clean air into your body. You can wear it while roaming around town, in public places or during workouts.

You can see the statistics in the mobile app

The Samsung electronic mask will come with a mobile app that provides various statistics and information. You can see the grade of the currently installed filter. battery charge level, fan speed, duration of mask use, average number of breaths per minute, amount of filtered air during this period and others. You can also control some settings through the app.

As with all patent applications, there is no guarantee that Samsung will use this product. However, as air pollution levels increase globally, a market for electronic masks may emerge in the future. It is possible that the Korean superpower is evaluating this industry and could decide on the next step. Even if Samsung decides to make an electronic mask, it may or may not choose this design.

Samsung electronic mask patent sketch 3

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