Latvian floorball players lose to the Finnish national team

Latvian floorball players lose to the Finnish national team
Latvian floorball players lose to the Finnish national team

After losing the first period with a minimum of 0:1, in the battle as a whole, however, we had to admit a convincing advantage of our competitors, losing with the result 3:11.

Goalkeeper Ponta Zariņa was recognized as the best in the Latvian national team.

Both national teams had already accomplished the main task of qualifying for the final tournament before this match, with three convincing victories.

The Latvian national team started the game with Pontus Zariņas in the goal, but Krišjānis Tiltiņš was played in the first series, as Daniels Jānis Anis suffered a minor injury in the match with Iceland.

At the beginning of the game, the Finns started with more control of the ball, who also opened the score in the sixth minute, when Jona Rantala, the third leading floorball player of the Finnish Championship, scored with a long shot, who was assigned to play in the defender position in this game.

In the ninth minute of the match, after catching the ball in the center of the field, Rolands Kovalevskis ran towards the goalkeeper in a clean run, but failed to beat Finnish champion Oskari Falden.

The Latvian national team got more and more involved in the game and the first third of the match passed in a generally equal game, but the result did not change anymore and Latvia remained without an accurate shot in the period for the first time in this qualification tournament.

The second period of the game turned out to be much more productive, in which the superiority of the Finnish national team became more and more evident. First, in a quick counterattack, Justus Kainulainen outplayed Tomas Akmeņlaukas, passed to his brother Rasmus, who quickly delivered the ball to Oskari Heikil in front of the goal – 0:2.

Five minutes later, after a sharp pass near the goal, the ball rolled under Zarins’ leg and Gustavs Griezītis unsuccessfully directed the ball into his own goal.

In the middle of the period, Artis Raitums lost the ball in front of his own goal and the Kainulainen brothers also managed to score the fourth goal, after which the referees had to watch the video replay to find that there was a hole in the goal through which the ball bounced back onto the field.

Almost immediately after the fourth goal conceded, most of the gathered spectators could also cheer, when Jānis Ragovskis made a raid from his side of the field to the opponent’s goal and beat Falden with the awkward side of the stick, reducing the deficit to 1:4. Markus Salmi restored the lead for the visitors immediately after the dispute was played out with a long shot from the left side.

When less than five minutes remained until the end of the second period, after a long pass, the Finns violated the rules against Gustavus Griezītis and a penalty kick was awarded to their goal, which Raitum failed to realize. What the long-time captain failed to do, the rookie from the game did.

Kovalevski perfectly spotted the free Ralf Matis Balodi, who, without handling the ball, hit it into the goal from a distance – 2:5.

The continuation was not good, because within 65 seconds the Finns scored not only the sixth, but also the seventh goal, increasing the lead to 7:2.

The second period of the game ended with that result.

Having gained a comfortable advantage, the Finns very convincingly controlled the course of the game also in the third period of the fight.

Moreover, they managed to score a very curious goal already in the first minute, when Oskari Heikila sent the ball towards the goal, but it hit the leg of Moritz Krūmin and surprised Zarin with a slender trajectory.

In the continuation of the third period, after a corner kick, Slami scored the third goal of the match, but in the middle of the period, Emeli Akola sent the ball bounced by Zariņa into the goal from close range – 2:10.

Akmeņlauks earned a two-minute penalty for repeated violations, but the Latvian national team successfully played in the minority, and in the end, they fought well for the ball on the opponent’s side of the field.

Returning from the penalty bench, Akmeņlauks surprised the competitor by taking the ball away from him and passing to Pēteri Trekš. Finland scored a goal against last season’s champions, making it only the second time in history that Latvians scored three goals in games against Finns.

Another rejection followed, this time for Ralf Polis, and the Finns did not allow such laxity for the second time, the second most productive floorball player of the Finnish championship, Justum Kainulainenama, scored most of the goals – 3:11.

It was also the last goal not only in this game, but in the entire qualifying tournament as a whole.

In the Latvian national team, the goalkeeper Ponta Zariņas was recognized as the best player in the match, who coped with 32 opponents’ shots.

On the other hand, Toms Bitmanis was named the best player of the whole tournament in our national team.

Qualification of the World Championship in floorball for men

Latvia – Finland 3:11 (0:1; 2:6; 1:4)

Top scorers in the Latvian national team: Jānis Ragovskis 1 (1+0), Ralfs Matīss Balodis 1 (1+0), Pēteris Trekše 1 (1+0), Gustavs Griezītis 1 (0+1), Rolands Kovalevskis 1 (0+1), Toms Akmenlauks 1 (0+1)

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