The priorities of the “New Unity” in the European Parliament will be security and defense

The priorities of the “New Unity” in the European Parliament will be security and defense
The priorities of the “New Unity” in the European Parliament will be security and defense

“At the moment, the Baltics are looked at very carefully, the Baltics are listened to a lot and many see that the Baltics currently know how to act, this places a special responsibility on us. The list always needs a leader and all institutions have unanimously decided that the world’s most influential Latvian Valdis Dombrovskis will be number one on the list,” said Arvils Asheradens, chairman of the “Vienotības” party and Minister of Finance.

Dombrovskis emphasized that in the next convocation of the European Parliament, Latvian representatives should focus on security issues and all kinds of support for Ukraine.

“War in Europe has again become a reality, it has become abundantly clear that Russia is, was and will be a source of instability and military threat to its neighbors both in the near and distant future. Accordingly, the EU must work much more intensively on defense and security issues, including the development of the military industry,” said Dombrovskis.

After Dombrovskis, Kariņš will start as the second on the list. When asked if he doesn’t feel that he didn’t get the honor of being the leader, the former prime minister emphasizes that Dombrovski himself promoted him as the first.

“Valdis and I have worked together in tandem for all these 22 years, we get along very well. Valdi has his political advantages, I have a few others, and put together it is an extremely powerful combination,” explained Kariņš.

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All currently active MEPs – Sandra Kalniete, Inese Vaidere and Dace Melbārde – will also run for office from the “Jaunā vietība” party union. Saeima deputies Andrejs Yudins, Jānis Reirs, Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica and others will also target Brussels.

“The best representatives that we can send from Latvia to be heard in Brussels are those who have already been tested at work, who no longer have to learn anything from scratch. Members of the European Parliament must be known and respected by their colleagues, they must have a certain authority and our candidates are exactly that, they are known in Europe,” said Prime Minister Evika Siliņa (JV).

European Parliament elections will be held on June 8. Nine deputies from Latvia must be elected to them. The new unity hopes to win at least three seats.

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