Latvian bobsledders in Sigulda remain outside the top six


On Sunday, there will be a competition in Sigulda only with the status of the European Championship.

In Sigulda, the first career victory was celebrated by the German duo with pilot Adam Ammur and pusher Benedikta Hertel, who were the fastest in both races. With two third places in the races, the Swiss duo Michael Vogt and Sandro Michel were enough for the second place, who lost 0.12 seconds to the winners and beat the German Francesco Friedrich with Matthias Sommer by three hundredths of a second, while Johannes Lohner and Georg Fleischhauer lost another four hundredths.

Cipulia’s duet lost 1.01 seconds to the winners, while Kalenda’s duo was 1.25 seconds behind.

The Latvian duo had unsuccessful first runs, making mistakes that prevented the leading crews from showing competition. Cipulis with Springis had the fourth fastest start and was tenth at the finish, losing 0.62 seconds to the leader Ammuras. Kalends and Kaufmans had the sixth best start, but at the finish the Latvians were still nine hundredths of a second slower than Cipuli, sharing the 12th position.

In the second race, the duo of Cipulis had the sixth best start and the 12th result at the finish, which allowed them to rise to a shared eighth position with the American Frank del Duca. Kalenda’s crew was seventh best at the start and 16th in the finish, unable to improve the position.

21 crews participated in the doubles competition.

Lohner is the leader in the World Cup standings with 1302 points, Friedrich is second with 1240 points, and Vogt is third with 1211 points. Cipulis is in fifth position with 1000 points, while Kalenda is in 11th position with 744 points.

Before that, monobobsled women competed in the World Cup and European Championships in Sigulda. The winner was German Liza Bukwitz, who beat Romanian Andrea Gretz by 0.27 seconds, while Laura Nolte, another German, finished the top three at the European Championship and shared third place with American Elena Meyers Taylor at the World Cup, another 0.14 seconds behind.

There were no Latvian representatives among the 15 participants.

The next round of the World Cup will take place on February 17 and 18 at the German track in Altenberg.

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