What will we hear in the semi-finals of the song contest “Supernova”? / Script

What will we hear in the semi-finals of the song contest “Supernova”? / Script
What will we hear in the semi-finals of the song contest “Supernova”? / Script

There has been great passion around “Supernova” for a long time, and the attention of such a wide audience makes the competition interesting for both new and well-known musicians. This time, the audience was disappointed by the news that Markus Riva was not selected, and even before the competition, Don was announced as the winner. And yet, without rushing ahead of the events, we offer to get acquainted with the songs of this year’s “Supernova” semi-final.

Agnese Rakovska – “AI”

Agnese Rakovska offers the song “AI”, which inspires conversations about artificial intelligence, people, space, globalization and individualization. Musically, the song is in the style of electropop and world music motifs resonate there. In 2017, Agnese Rakovska performed the song “Line” at the big Eurovision with the group “Triānas Parks” – the experience of the big stage is a great advantage.

Alex Silver – “For the Show”

Alex Silver has been active in popular music for a long time, has an audience of his own, and has previously competed in national selections. This time, he offers the song “For the Show” to “Supernova”, which is a pop song with elements of electronic music and references to 90s pop. Eurovision fans are praising the song, saying they can’t wait to see what show the song will be presented with.

Avéi – “Mine”

Avéi with the song “Mine” is an energetic dance music application, which is interesting in the overall selection of songs, because the dance music genre in Latvia still has opportunities for development. The show will be important for the song, which will help keep the audience’s attention.

“B/H” – “Amsterdam”

“B/H” were previously known as “Bad Habits”, changing their name also changed their musical style, moving more towards indiepop genre, as heard in the song “Amsterdam”. It has elegance and a danceable melody. “B/H” musicians have a lot of stage experience, which is also a good prerequisite for the competition.

Don – “Hollow”

Don first offered the song to Latvian listeners, who welcomed “Kingdom of Broken Spears”. The song contains Don’s characteristic qualities – saturated existential metaphors, which are opened and moved by the singer’s wide voice. Later, the English version of the song “Hollow” also excited speakers of other languages, who compared Don to well-known singers such as Hozier and Rag’n’Bone Man. In pop music, such comparisons are even desirable, because they evoke a link of association.

Ecto – “Outsider”

It is a great pleasure to hear such alternative songs as the electronic musician Ecto’s “Outsider” at the “Supernova” contest – it will color both the overall program of the evening and introduce a wide audience to music that has not set itself the task of pleasing the listeners, which in turn is an important condition for the development of the common scene. . Ecto is from Liepāja and released the EP “Waves” in 2023.

Edvards Strazdins – “Rock n’ Roll Supernova”

Edvard Strazdiņš’s song “Rock n’ Roll Supernova” creates a good, danceable atmosphere, but the young musician has too directly taken into account classical values ​​- rock n’ roll and its current performers, that not much of his own attitude can be heard.

“Funkinbiz” – “Na Chystu Vodu”

Latvian and Ukrainian musicians have united in the collective “Funkinbiz”. For “Supernova” they offer “Na Chystu Vodu” – a song in Ukrainian, which remains in the mind with its melodiousness and sophisticated arrangement.

“Jar of Kings” – “Wildfire”

The group “Jar of Kings” brings diversity to the competition with the song “Wildfire”, which is kept in the style of heavy rock. Classic “dad rock” or dad rockers, but especially sincere, because authenticity can be heard in the song. The lace of complex guitar riffs and the strumming of the lead singer’s voice remain in the mind. Fun!

Katrina Gupalo – “The Cat’s Song”

Singer Katrina Gupalo has a delightful sense of humor, as an example of which can be mentioned the songs “Svärki?”, “Dur prom”, as well as the 2018 “Supernova” entry – “Intoxicating Caramel”. The cute “The Cat’s Song” captivates at the beginning with its almost naive playfulness, gradually turning into a dance music song. The contrasts work well and stay in the mind, it’s not for nothing that the song is in second place in Eurovision fans’ predictions.

“Paper Airplanes” – “Mind Breaker”

“Paper Planes” have gained popularity in the last year and in “Supernova” they start with “Mind Breaker” in a pop-rock manner, which sticks in the mind with the easy-to-repeat chant “la-la-la” and the overall ironic message, but will the audience understand the irony?

Patricia Spale – “Heaven’s Raining Down on Me”

In Patricija Spale’s song “Heaven’s Raining Down on Me”, you can hear the influence of country music, which is not so common in Latvian popular music. It’s an interesting move because these styles are well-known in the world and have a large audience. However, for competitiveness, it would be important for Patricija to have a thicker collection of such styles of songs, or song catalog.

St Lević – “Tick Tock”

St. Lević opens the theme of the song already in its intro, thus attracting the attention of “Tick Tock”. A catchy, melodramatic chant alternates with rap verses, thus creating a balance. The song consists of various distinct parts, which can lose the attention of impatient listeners in an instant. Eurovision fans have appreciated “Tick Tock”.

Sasha Sil – “Love is a Language”

Sasha Sil offers a classic ballad on the ever-present topic “Love is a Language”, which, as part of a thoughtful performance, could resonate with a wide audience. The song also has elements of country music. The singer has good English, but a wider fan base would also help.

In “Letters” – “Where?”

Association “Letters” with the song “Where?” is an unusual competition entry – it is a ballad in Latvian, in which the theme of rock guitar is also heard. Songs of this kind remind the audience that the Latvian language has its own magic and is probably the key to the success of our victory. As for the new association “Vestulēs”, it is to be hoped that this song will soon be followed by the next one.

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