actor Maksims Bussel sings the legendary song of Eugene Fink from the rock opera “Sphinx”


“I have always wanted to sing in Latvian, and this opportunity given to me is fantastic. I am chosen, deeply grateful, excited and extremely happy to have been allowed to experience this brilliant work of art by both authors. I can’t wait for the rock opera “Sphinx” to finally meet its audience”, says Maxim Bussel.

Maxim Bussel takes on the role of Eugene Fink. (Photo: Publicity photo)

On the other hand, the director of the new production, Rēzija Kalniņa, reveals: “Right now we are at the turning point of the era, since the beginning of the pandemic and the war, we have been in a stage of uncertainty – what will happen next? This work “hits the top ten” today, telling about the choices of each individual, how the system and society can grind one person like grain in a millstone, but it is impossible to destroy the soul, which is symbolized by the bird in Māras Zālīte’s libretto.”

Actor Ivars Stonin, who more than 20 years ago vividly and unforgettably lived the suggestive fate of Eugene Fink at the National Theater, also gave his opening words for the new performance: “My personal feeling is centered around the feeling of “where am I, alone in an infinite space, where eternal emptiness yesterday, today , tomorrow… Such a void cannot be filled, which only love can fill…” This, in my opinion, is the most concentrated expression of Fink on paper from Māras Zālīte. It is not even possible to define it more precisely. Loneliness – wanted, not wanted, created by yourself or others – is a magical filter for everything that we hold deep within ourselves, cherish or let go of. Loneliness as trust that everything is going as it should. Trust and reliance. Letting yourself be like breath, exist like breath, live like breath, evaporate like breath. Allowing and trusting that everything else breathes in and out through you. Let the breath of the universe flow through you and don’t hold it back…”

The premiere of the rock opera “Sphinx” is expected on February 22 in Riga, VEF Culture Palace. The role of Eugene Fink will be played by actor Maksims Busels, the other actor and singer Emils Kivlenieks will play the role of Eugene Fink. Beāte Zviedre in the role of Fink’s wife Anna, Fink’s beloved Alice, the heiress of the Otto Švarc company will be played by Anmary, Antra Stafecka in the role of Latvian press queen Emīlijas Benjaminas, Kaupen’s beloved girl Vallija – Elīna Bojarkina or Austrian Elza Kozuliņa, Interrogator with four faces – a Latvian security policeman, a German officer , a Russian Chekist and post-war LPSR militiaman will be Atis Zviedris. Laura Erdlāne, Elizabete Zagorska, Edvards Grieze, Emil Giluchs, Toms Kalderauskis, Artūrs Biķernieks, Sarma Liede, Zane Lazdiņa, Ralfs Puzāns, Patrik Tabaks and Voldemārs Rode also play important roles in the rock opera. Jānis Lūsēns on keys, guitar – Aivars Gudrais, percussion – Harijs Gūtmanis, bass guitar – Jānis Lūsēns.

Performances of the rock opera “Sphinx” will take place: 22.02, 01.03, 10.04, 10.05 and 21.05 in Riga, VEF Culture Palace, 24.02 in Vidzeme concert hall “Cēsis”, 02.03 in Liepaja, concert hall “Lielais dzintars”, 09.03 in Jelgava Culture House, 15.03 in Valmiera Cultural Center, 16.03. 03 cultures at the center “Siguldas devons”, 17.03 in Ventspils, at the “Jūras vārti” theater house, 23.03 at the Latgale embassy “Gors”, 04.04 and 05.04 at the Ogre culture center, 27.04 at the Limbažu culture house, 28.04 at the Alūksnes culture center.

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