is the electric car also suitable for the track?

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In the new “Hyundai N e-shift”, the gear control imitates the traditional 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is usually used in the models of the N division with an internal combustion engine.

On the other hand, the “N Active Sound+” system creates a roar typical of sports models, providing drivers with additional emotions.

It also has a sports suspension with adaptive shock absorbers that adapt to the selected driving mode, electronic rear differential lock, bucket seats, variable torque distribution between the front and rear axles, as well as other advanced technologies from the “Hyundai E-GMP” electric car platform.

Photo: Publicity photo

“This car is able to simulate not only the gear change, but also how the classic engine speed limiter works, because there is a virtual speedometer here. Such a solution could appeal to those who care not only about power and torque, but also about other sensations,” says Tymoshko.

But he is confident that it will take time for manufacturers to tackle perhaps the biggest challenge of electric sports cars. Powerful and efficient electric cars require larger and more capacious batteries. However, the bigger the battery, the heavier the car. Therefore, engineers constantly have to find a balance between these factors. The chassis must also be improved – it must be ensured that a heavier car is well controlled in turns, that it is stable on uneven roads and that driving is always comfortable.

“I think there is a future for this technology. At the moment, the weight of the batteries prevents it from realizing its full potential, but in 5-10 years, I think the so-called solid-state batteries will be popular. Their weight and performance should greatly exceed the current batteries,” says Tom.

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