Expert: It would be more valuable for the Baltic States to nominate one candidate for the post of NATO head

Expert: It would be more valuable for the Baltic States to nominate one candidate for the post of NATO head
Expert: It would be more valuable for the Baltic States to nominate one candidate for the post of NATO head

On Monday, neither Kariņa nor the head of government Evikas Siliņa (JV) could be contacted by journalists. It would be the task of the Cabinet of Ministers to nominate a candidate for the high office. After that, through diplomatic consultations, an agreement is reached between all members of the alliance on who will be the head of NATO.

It has been said several times before that the next general secretary should be from Eastern Europe and, preferably, a woman. A long time ago, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas was mentioned as one of the candidates, who officially confirmed her readiness to run for this high position at the Defense Forum organized by the media “Politico” last week. At home in Kallas in Estonia, the reaction to such decisions is twofold. On the one hand, seeing one’s own in such a high position would certainly be a pillar of national security. Another question is whether it should be Kallas.

“We will not make this decision. It will be a joint NATO decision. But the choice will show which candidate has been good in his country. Someone who can be a mediator, which is essential in the position of NATO Secretary General. The same thing was announced yesterday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. Of course, it would be in the interests of our region for someone from the Baltic countries to occupy this position – but strategically, it would be wiser to agree on one candidate from the Baltic countries,” concludes Raimonds Kaljulaids, a member of the Estonian Parliament.

On the other hand, Deputy Director of the Institute of Foreign Policy of Latvia, researcher, and lecturer at Riga Stradins University, Mārtiņš Vargulis emphasizes that the Estonian Prime Minister has successfully launched a campaign in the USA: “This campaign launched by the Estonian Prime Minister, meeting with Republicans, Democrats, and Senators, indicated that in the USA her the candidacy has listening ears, it is an essential work, campaign-like work – if this commitment is serious on Kariņš’s part, then he will have to carry out such activities. Another question is whether the Central European countries are ready to see someone from NATO’s eastern flank in this position.”

He also emphasizes that a candidate from Eastern Europe should finally be given a chance, citing the principled stance of the Baltic states towards Russia as a major role.

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“Justifiably and correctly, the Baltic states have been leading and have clearly pointed out and criticized Russia for its aggression, attack on Ukraine, but this, which is considered as an escalating policy, can make such Central European countries as France, Germany, which would like to see compromise figure. Kariņš announced himself as an experienced leader who held the position of head of the government, clearly understands the threat posed by Russia, firmly stands up for Ukraine and has proven himself as a builder of international consensus,” sums up the expert.

The mandate of current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was extended this summer until next autumn.

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