Almost 8,800 white stork nests have been registered on power line poles in Latvia! Arbitrary attempts to remove nests can end tragically

Almost 8,800 white stork nests have been registered on power line poles in Latvia! Arbitrary attempts to remove nests can end tragically
Almost 8,800 white stork nests have been registered on power line poles in Latvia! Arbitrary attempts to remove nests can end tragically

Photo: LETA

As Artis Kubliņš, environmental manager of the work environment risk department of AS “Sadales tīkls” revealed to the LA.LV portal, in total, almost 8800 nests of white storks have been registered on the power lines of AS “Sadales tīkls” throughout Latvia, which is almost 80% of the nesting places of these migratory birds in Latvia.

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“The white stork is a specially protected bird species in Latvia, therefore residents are prohibited from arbitrarily demolishing the nests of these birds! However, there may be situations where a white stork’s nest poses a hazard, for example it is built on top of a chimney and may affect fire safety. In such or similar cases, it is necessary to contact the Nature Protection Administration (DAP), which, based on the Law on Protection of Species and Habitats, can issue a “permit to acquire individuals of non-huntable species”. With this permit, it is allowed to remove the white stork’s nest in emergency situations,” explains A. Kubliņš.

The natural nesting place of white storks in Latvia are trees whose branches or the tops of broken trunks are able to support the weight of the nest. Taking into account the fact that it is not so easy to find trees with branches suitable for nest building, white storks most often choose electric poles as a man-made and suitable alternative place of residence.


However, arbitrary attempts by people to remove the socket from the power supply support can end tragically – it endangers health and even life. Unfortunately, videos of people even burning nests have been seen on social networks. How to act correctly in a situation where stork nests on poles become a hazard?

A. Kubliņš says: “If a person becomes a witness to a potentially dangerous situation, for example, a socket rests on power lines or a cable and strains them, is tilted, threatens to fall from a pole, etc. etc., then it must be reported to the “Distribution Network”. You can easily report the defect on the company’s website by adding a photo.

Specialists will assess the situation and, if necessary, remove the socket from the pole with the permission of DAP. Under no circumstances are arbitrary attempts by the residents to remove the socket from the power supply support, as this can endanger health and even life!

Not everyone knows that a white stork’s nest is a large and heavy object – the size of a perennial white stork’s nest can reach 1.5 meters in diameter, but its weight can be from 500 kilograms to more than a ton. An object of this magnitude can seriously threaten power lines, causing infrastructure damage and unplanned power outages for large numbers of people. Therefore, “Sadales tīkls” places metal socket bases on the supports, where safety reasons allow it.”

As informed by the representative of “Sadales tīkls”, more than 6,300 such sockets with a metal base have been installed throughout Latvia. People are invited to host white storks in their homes, rural properties, providing them with artificial nest bases. This will reduce the probability that the stork will settle in an unwanted place.

The nest of white storks in Tukuma county, which can be watched live



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