Riga will participate in the EU mobility project to improve traffic safety – Riga

Riga will participate in the EU mobility project to improve traffic safety – Riga
Riga will participate in the EU mobility project to improve traffic safety – Riga
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The Department of Outdoor Space and Mobility of Riga Municipality has received a proposal to participate in the “EU Horizon” project “Mobility solutions for improving safety for various groups of road users (EvoRoads)”, receiving 100% funding from the European Union.

EvoRoads aims to accelerate the achievement of the “Vision Zero” EU goal through comprehensive innovative systems models, tools and services that enable data-driven development of security assessment systems, facilitate dynamic monitoring of cyber-physical infrastructures, and promote proactive warning of security risks in complex environments.

In response to the growing concerns of European citizens about road safety, the European Commission (EC) has adopted ambitious targets. Based on the 2010 and 2020 guidelines, the EC has set a goal of reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on European roads by 50% by 2030, which is a step towards achieving “Vision Zero”. In addition, the EC has set a “Safe System” implementation of the approach on the creation of the 2021-2030 road safety policy framework to achieve its goals.

The successful establishment of this policy framework would allow for a clear understanding of the criteria that influence safety performance, help design solutions that promote safety for all road users, allow for the modernization of existing infrastructure monitoring approaches with new ones that use increasingly advanced communication and sensing technologies, and adopting a methodology that identifies complex user behavior and can reduce unwanted behavior.

The municipality of Riga will participate in the project as a pilot territory within three years, where a set of traffic infrastructure and traffic safety solutions will be tested, intended specifically for less protected traffic participants – scooter and bicycle drivers.

Four countries – Spain, Italy, Romania and Latvia – will participate in the project, and a total of six cities of these countries, including Riga, will analyze the safety of movement of less protected road users. This will be done with the help of various data – video analysis, sensors that will be able to provide data on the quality of the road surface, dangerous moments and other situations. The obtained data will be compared within the project.

In the project budget, which is financed 100% from the project funds, Riga will have the opportunity to purchase technical means, which will also remain the property of the city after the end of the project.

On Monday, May 13, at the meeting of the Traffic and Transport Affairs Committee of the Riga City Council, the deputies decided to support the implementation of the project in 2024-2026 and to advance the project to supplement the Action Plan with a total funding of 96,750 euros, of which pre-financing is in the amount of 19,350 euros.

The issue will still be considered at the Riga City Council meeting.

Department of External Communication of the Riga Municipality Communications Department

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