Museum Night Activities “Crossroads of Folk Traditions” in the Russian Culture Center


On Saturday, May 18, the “Night of Museums” international action will take place in the Russian Culture Center of the Unity House (Varšavas street 14). This year, the theme of the Night of Museums is “Explore and acquire, study and understand”, so the Russian Culture Center (KKC) is organizing this event with its sub-theme “Crossroads of Folk Traditions”.

During the event, visitors will be able to see the KCC expositions, which are dedicated not only to traditional Russian religious denominations, Russian folk arts and crafts, but also to the history of our city and country. Every visitor will have the opportunity to touch, hear and even enjoy different traditions, as well as explore and share the richness of their culture and traditions.

In the program:

Pl. 15.30 – 17.00 Master class for children from 7 to 11 years “Fabulous hohloma writings” (pre-registration by tel. 29855548)

The participants of the master class will learn about the original Russian folk decorative art technique – hokhlom, and will also learn to paint wooden dishes in this decorative pattern.
Attention! The number of participants of the master class is limited, so we invite you not to postpone your application until the last moment! REGISTRATION is mandatory: 29855548 (Irina). Membership is free!

17.00 – 20.00 Inspection of KKC expositions

Daugavpils residents and city guests will be able to free of charge familiarize yourself with the permanent expositions of the Vienības nama Russian Culture Center. You will be able to view The rooms of Gžeļa and Hohloma, the Fairytale Rooms, the expositions “Antiquity in Latvia” and “Orthodoxy in Latgale”, as well as historical and cultural-historical expositions.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Welcome to!

Read more about our exhibitions HERE.

Photographing and filming takes place during the event.

On May 18, Latvian museums will participate in the international European museum campaign “Museum Night” for the twentieth time. This year, the theme of the campaign is related to the International Museum Day theme “Museums for education and research”. The unifying theme of Museum Night-2024 in Latvian museums is to learn and acquire, research and understand.

Additional information:
DVPI “Vienibas nams”
Russian Cultural Center
Svetlana Lokteva
t.: +371 654 13792, +371 20010284, +371 26232264
e-mail: [email protected]

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