The Latvian national team’s chances of entering the 1/4 finals have not changed significantly – Hockey –

The Latvian national team’s chances of entering the 1/4 finals have not changed significantly – Hockey –
The Latvian national team’s chances of entering the 1/4 finals have not changed significantly – Hockey –

At the beginning of the championship, the Latvian national team was placed as a favorite in the first three games, which is not such a frequent case. For example, a year ago, the WC had to start with matches against Canada, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and in those matches they managed to get three points, laying the foundations for an impressive path to bronze medals. This time there were matches against Poland and France, but tomorrow there will be a match against Kazakhstan.

However, it was not possible to get the maximum in the first two games, as both had to be played in extra time. However, the fact is that currently the Latvian national team is in second place in the group with four points, and in the games in which victories were expected from the national team led by Harija Vītoliņš, the victories were achieved.

“The Latvian national team, having obtained four points out of a possible six, has kept approximately the same chances of entering the quarter-finals as was predicted even before the start of the WC,” “PafBet” bookmaker Toms Bergmanis commented on the fans’ current question about reaching the quarter-finals.

“Also, Latvia has a relatively realistic chance to win in its group (coefficient 21.00). There is currently less than a 5% probability of such an event,” continued Bergmanis. “Latvia’s national team must take the maximum number of points in the game against Kazakhstan and then try to get as many points as possible from the remaining games. On paper, the direct competitors will be Germany and Slovakia, with whom they will most likely have to share the 3rd-5th place in the subgroup.”

Germany and Slovakia have already played each other, and the Germans laid a strong foundation for their way to the quarter-finals with a 6-4 win, but Germany followed that up with a 6-1 defeat against the USA, while Slovakia defeated Kazakhstan 6-2.

“Currently, according to forecasts and the market situation, the most likely scenario for Germany could be the third place in the group, and then Latvia and Slovakia would share the 4th and 5th places,” explained the “Pafbet” hockey expert. “Currently, Slovakia’s chances of getting out of the group are even slightly worse than Latvia’s. This is probably because the Slovaks have already played a game against one of their direct competitors (Germany) and lost. But Latvia still has such games ahead.”

In the match against Kazakhstan, “Pafbet” bookmakers have placed Latvia as favorites for three points, however, not close to such favorites, for which any other scenario than a victory in regular time will be a big sensation. The coefficient for Latvia’s victory in regular time is 1.58, while Kazakhstan’s chances of following in the footsteps of Poland and France and depriving Latvia of at least a point are estimated at 2.38.

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