There is no stopping feeling good. A 72-year-old record holder wins the Riga-Valmiera race / Article

There is no stopping feeling good. A 72-year-old record holder wins the Riga-Valmiera race / Article
There is no stopping feeling good. A 72-year-old record holder wins the Riga-Valmiera race / Article

In his youth, Suborins used to run around half a thousand kilometers a month, but currently such amounts are no longer relevant. However, the run to the bell of Sīmanis Church in Valmiera is already a common tradition. Viktor does not hide that he is passionate about running.

The Riga-Valmiera race started on August 27, 1989, just three days after the ambitious Baltic Road campaign. It was one of the elements of the awakening time – to run for freedom. Five years after the start, the race went on hiatus, but resumed with renewed vigor exactly ten years ago.

The Riga-Valmiera road continues to tempt Suborina even at the age of 72. They have already developed their own preparation rituals, an integral part of which is the jelly prepared by his wife Rita.

“In the last four control points, where it will be the hardest for me, I usually drink kieselgut,” said the experienced runner. “By the way, I differ from many runners in that I hardly eat meat. I do, but very minimally.”

Viktor also prepared a box of sweets for each of the eight checkpoints. This time, it contains energy bars, jelly and also a little peace, because with each control point the finish line is closer.

“The wife is going through a lot, a lot. She’s going through so much that I’m just starting to fear for her,” Victor admitted. “She’s taking it very seriously… You know what I say, ‘Do you want to see me in bed for the last few years, with little to no movement, and you’re going to have to deal with me?’ No, it’s better if my last moment comes, then by all means. Just been there, just ran and that’s it – it’s gone. If I stop, I’m afraid I’ll probably look old. I can’t stop, I have to go all the time, do something, then I feel very good.”

Before the start, the atmosphere in the building of the University of Latvia was almost like a gathering. A long-lost friend – with such emotions runners meet Viktor. “Hello, Jānis! Hello, old man, it’s nice to see you. Have a good day too,” the greeting sounded in the premises of the university.

Viktors laid the foundations of physical strength while serving in the airborne troops, where the sports unit had to seriously develop physical parameters. There were no problems with that, because he liked sports, especially running.

Viktor also holds the Latvian record for a 24-hour run – almost 259 kilometers, which has still not been broken. In the near future, it is unlikely that someone will surpass what is currently possible – to run to Valmiera at the age of 72.

Traditionally, the start is from the Freedom Monument, but this year the race took place for the first time on the night of May 4, with the participants singing the national anthem before starting the distance. Victor has won the race twice, but the most important achievement is the run on the open country roads and the morning sun shining in the clear sky halfway through the race.

The race began with round zeros flashing on the clock. A year earlier, Victor reached the finish in 15 hours 10 minutes and 28 seconds, leaving behind 40 other finishers. The result in such competitions is secondary, especially for Viktor. He wants to prove to himself that he can do it. Viktor calls the run a holiday, creating a festive mood for those around him with his joie de vivre.

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