Goalkeeper coach of the Latvian national team Irbe: Four goals conceded by his players is quite unprecedented

Goalkeeper coach of the Latvian national team Irbe: Four goals conceded by his players is quite unprecedented
Goalkeeper coach of the Latvian national team Irbe: Four goals conceded by his players is quite unprecedented

In the first match, Latvia defeated the Polish national team 5-4 in extra time, which returned to the elite division after a 22-year break, scoring three out of four goals after changing the trajectory of the puck in front of the goal.

On the other hand, in the second match, the Latvian national team won a 3:2 victory over France in the last second of extra time, also losing one goal after a ricochet in this match.

“Perhaps at some point in my childhood, when there were 60 or 70 shots per game, it could have been,” Irbe recalled his experience in goal in a conversation with journalists on Monday.

Artur Irbe

Latvian national team goalkeeper

But in such high-level games, I don’t remember. Allowing four goals from your own players is pretty unheard of, although I see it happening quite often in the National Hockey League (NHL) now, because the goaltenders are so good that it’s hard to shoot them otherwise.

As stated by Irbe, who himself is a former NHL and Latvian national team player, in such episodes the main thing for a goalkeeper is not to break down and not to start asking himself the questions “am I really that bad?”.

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Also, the coach of the goalkeepers of the Latvian national team stated that in the upcoming game against Kazakhstan, which will be played on Tuesday, the goalkeeper of the Latvian national team, who was decided in advance, will be in goal, but the court did not reveal who exactly it will be.

So far, the Latvian national team has applied goalkeepers Elvi Merzlikina and Kristeras Gudļevski to participate in the championship, but the national team also has Āriks Vītols, who has not yet registered for the tournament.

Regarding whether Artur Shilov from NHL club Vancouver Canucks is still expected, Irbe told LETA agency that it would be correct to answer “both yes and no, because we are always waiting for the best hockey players”.

As you know, Shilov, together with forward Teodor Blüger and the Canucks, beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-3 in the third match of the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup on Sunday and made it 2-1 in the series. If Šilovs and Bļugers lose the streak of up to four victories, then the sixth game would be played on May 19 Latvian time.

The goalkeeper coach praised all three goalkeepers who are currently at the disposal of the Latvian national team, and said that it is a great team.

Artur Irbe

Latvian national team goalkeeper

If there is an issue like another goalkeeper to use in the Championship, we will think about it. At the moment, it seems to me that neither it threatens nor it shines.

Next, on May 14, the Latvian national team will meet Kazakhstan, which started the championship with a 3:1 victory over France on Saturday, but lost to Slovakia 2:6 on Sunday.

Then they will have to play against Germany on May 15, Sweden on May 18, Slovakia on May 19, and in the final group game on May 21, the Latvians will play against USA hockey players, whom they beat last year in the fight for bronze medals.

This year, the world championship will take place in the Czech cities of Prague and Ostrava from May 10 to 26.

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