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In the first two games, there were big problems with overcoming the midfield pressure of the opponents. Bräkis in the first pass not only prevented the introduction of the attack several times, but also led to problems and made Merzlikin more work.

For example, in the game against France, Rihard Bukarts, facing the opponent’s pressure near his blue line, gave a pass directly to the stick of the opponent’s hockey player, who ran alone to the duel with Mezlikin. The Latvian goalkeeper saved again. But Elvis is said to be “a hole and a sieve”…

In the game against Poland, Latvian hockey players looked physically unprepared, as the Poles ran around our defense players quite freely in their quick counterattacks. Against France, this aspect no longer caused such problems. Therefore, it must be concluded that in the match against Poland, the concentration probably failed somewhere, as a result of which it was not possible to “start” in time to be able to return to the defense.

Going back to the problem of overcoming the middle zone. If the pressing of Poland and France is such a problem, what will we do in the midfield against, for example, Germany? The amount of inaccuracy in this element should be limited. Otherwise, there will be “oats” against objectively more skillful teams than France and Poland.

Now let’s move on to the second problem – the Latvian national team has scored eight goals this year, but five of these “goals” are in the accounts of two men, Kaspars Daugavins and Rodrigo Ābola.

So far, one out of eight majorities has been realized. Harijs Vītoliņš has tried different solutions during these two games. For example, in the match against Poland, Oskars Batņa was sent as the fourth striker next to Dzierkals, Ābols and Daugavins. Abol has shrunk in size over the years, that he is no longer enough in front of the goal? Because they both did not fight in front of the goal with Batna. Throwing from the blue line, when two hockey players are fighting in front of the goal, has not been, is not and never will be the handwriting of the majority of Latvian hockey.

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