The reconstruction of the intersection of Lielirbes Street and K. Ulmanias Street in Riga is expected to be completed by October this year


On the other hand, the intersection of Upesgrivas Street and K. Ulmani Street is planned to be built by the end of 2024.

Today, the designers presented the members of the committee about the development of the project, noting that construction works are already underway at the intersection of Lielirbe Street. In this phase, a connection with Lielo iela Mārupe, additional lanes and a new rotation circle on Remtes iela are planned.

On the other hand, the construction works at the intersection of Upesgrivas Street will start this month. At this stage, the construction of additional lanes and a new traffic light facility is planned.

LETA has already reported that the intersection of Lielirbe and Ulmanias gatves is being rebuilt in Riga in order to create an approach to the newly created “Depot” store.

The “Depot” store will be located in Mārupe, Lielaja iela 2, near Kārļis Ulmaņas gatve.

The developer of the store chain “Depo” SIA “Kārļa Būmani” is carrying out the reconstruction at its own expense.

According to the information on the website of the Mārupe municipality, the total investment of the project in infrastructure will exceed 7 million euros. Last year, the streets adjacent to the store’s territory – Daibes and Kalmju streets – were built on the side of the city of Mārupe. At the same time, a 500-meter-long slow lane was built in Ulmaņas gatve, which provides access to the “Moller Auto Rīga” car showroom and the “Depo” store, and a pedestrian and bicycle path was also illuminated.

After the reconstruction of the intersection of Lielirbes and Ulmaņas gatves, by making the connection of Lielas iela to Ulmaņas gatve and Lielirbes iela, the residents of Mārupe will be able to get from Lielas iela to Lielirbes iela towards the center of Riga and back, crossing Ulmaņas gatve more easily.

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